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Monday, October 5, 2015

Fort Thomas Monthly Police Report (August 2015)

August 2015 cases for Fort Thomas Detectives. 
Officers Adam Peak, Will Hunt, Zac Rohlfer, Derek Faught, Detectives Michael Rowland and Adam Noe and Sergeant Brent Moening received a thank you from the father of a juvenile runaway that was located later the same day.

He wrote that he was concerned that afternoon after learning his son had left, however after dealing with the officers they put him at ease with their confidence and professionalism. He extended a heartfelt thank you to the department.

Also, multiple Fort Thomas teachers wrote a thank you to officers for the motivation but empowering "active shooter presentation."

They stated that the officer's dedications and caring toward the child in our community is very obvious.

Other Notes

Fort Thomas Detectives received 17 new cases in August and say an increase in attempted thefts from vehicles.

A reminder: please lock your vehicles and remove valuables to diminish the risk of theft.

August cases included thefts, fraudulent use of credit cards, filing a false police report, burglary, sexual abuse, criminal mischief and missing juvenile (pie chart above).

Through the first eight months of 2015, detectives has seen their case load increase in four of those months.

Sentiguard Update (link):
After two months of operation, the department was around 100 users.

"While this is well short of where we'd like to be, we are happy that the word has spread and several members of the community are using the app," said Det. Adam Noe.

You can download the app through the Apple App Store of Google play under "Sentiguard."

In August officers wrote 35 speeding charges, 7 DUI charges, 50 charges for non-traffic offenses (warrants, assaults, disorderly conduct, etc) and 113 traffic charges.

Officers also issued 147 written warnings and totaled 24 court appearances.

There were 17 drug related charges placed against 11 adults and one juvenile. Two of the individuals were Fort Thomas residents and traffic stops led to 11 of the 17 charges.

Individual Statistics (Total State Citation Charges)
278 Total State Citation Charges
#1 - Officer Doug Hoffman - 72 charges
#2 - Officer Adam Peak - 46 charges
#3 - Officer Brandon Laffin - 33 charges
#4 - Officer Chris Goshorn - 19 charges
#5 - Officer Derek Faught - 18 charges

August 2015 vs August 2014 Enforcement Summary (Most Common Charges)
Non-Traffic Charges
Alcohol Related (8 vs 5)
Drug Related (17 vs 31)
Possession Alcohol by Minor (0 vs 4)
Warrants Served (18 vs 22)
TOTAL (50 vs 68)

Traffic Charges 
DUI (7 vs 8)
Speeding (35 vs 29)
Other Hazardous Violations (16 vs 7)
Operator License Violations (36 vs 15)
Vehicle License Violations (31 vs 19)
No Seat Belt in Use (72 vs 14)
TOTAL (227 vs 105)

Juvenile Charges
Alcohol Related (0 vs 4)
Drug Related (1 vs 1)
TOTAL (1 vs 11)

Offense Reports
Theft Related (10 vs 14)
Alcohol Related (5 vs 5)
Drug Related (16 vs 26)
DUI (7 vs 8)
Burglary (4 vs 2)
Includes 1 wanton endangerment, 2 terroristic threatening, 1 sexual offense.
TOTAL (54 vs 87)

Incident Reports
Abuse/Neglect (6 vs 8)
Property Damage (2 vs 3)
Neighborhood Dispute (1 vs 0)
Animal Related (1 vs 0)
Missing Persons (3 vs 2)
TOTAL (25 vs 19)

Accident Reports
TOTAL (33 vs 28)

Drug Charges Placed on Individuals
Fort Thomas residents - 2 charges on one individual and one juvenile.
Cincinnati - 4 individuals with 7 total charges.
Newport - 1 individual with 2 total charges.
Indiana - 1 individual with 2 total charges.
Covington - 1 individual with 1 total charge.
Independence - 1 individual with 1 total charge.
Butler - 1 individual with 1 total charge.
Florida - 1 individual with 1 total charge.

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