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Monday, October 19, 2015

O'Connor Dental Care Rolls Out Dental Membership Savings Plan

Dr. Emily K. O'Connor and Dr. Patrick D. O'Connor

O'Connor Dental Care, at 40 North Grand Ave., has been a staple in Fort Thomas since 1979. Dr. Patrick D. O'Connor bought the dental practice the month his daughter, Dr. Emily K. O'Connor, was born—July 1979.

"Growing up with a dentist as a father, I had first-hand experiences how genuinely happy he felt when he was able to provide supportive care for those in pain and discomfort, or for those who just lacked confidence because their oral health was not right for them," Dr. Emily O'Connor says. As a teenager Dr. Emily O'Connor shadowed her father after her high school activities, and seeing the immediate and positive changes her father made to patients in pain or to patients who lacked confidence greatly influenced her decision to become a dentist.

And so she did, become a dentist, joining the practice in May 2006, shortly after graduating from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry.

"Now I thoroughly enjoy being a dentist and a caretaker of oral health," Dr. Emily O'Connor says. "Every day I come to our office with a smile on my face knowing that my patients are going to be healthier and happier that day and beyond after visiting us." 

Recently the father-daughter duo rolled out a Dental Membership Savings Plan, available to new patients who don't have dental insurance, as well as new and current patients who do have dental insurance. 

"The plan was created for those individuals looking to be proactive about their oral health while providing an economical way to have a routine checkup and cleanings done," Dr. Emily O'Connor says. "If any additional treatments are recommended, the savings from the O'Connor Dental Care Dental Membership Savings Plan will make this an economical and feasible reality." 

Highlights of the plan include:
• no deductible
• no annual maximum
• no preauthorization required
• no waiting periods
• no pre-existing conditions limitations
• no denial of coverage

"Dental care has jumped in the healthcare media spotlight as more serious health conditions are being linked to oral health problems and issues," Dr. Emily O'Connor says. "Improving oral health care may not only have a direct impact on your teeth, but may be used in the prevention and earlier detection of certain diseases such as diabetes. Prevention and early detection of serious diseases allows patients to seek appropriate treatment quickly, with improved outcomes." 

Dr. Emily O'Connor hopes this new plan will allow those without dental insurance the ability to afford care that may significantly and positively improve how they feel about themselves, leading to happier and longer lives. "Who doesn't want to smile more?" she says. "Our plan is designed for individuals and families to help keep them smiling all year long and for decades to come."

For more information on pricing and benefits, visit or call (859) 441-0033 and ask for Kelly.

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