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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pet Wants: The Urban Feed Market Opens New Business in Fort Thomas

Lisa Kelly (left) and Susan Cramer (right) in front of the home of their new venture Pet Wants and Dirty Hairy's Self & Full Service Dog Spa at 1118 S. Fort Thomas Avenue. FTM file.
A veteran Fort Thomas business owner is expanding and moving her company from the Towne Centre District to the Midway District in Fort Thomas.

Lisa Kelly, owner of Dirty Hairy's Self & Full Service Dog Spa, and Susan Cramer are partnering together to open Pet Wants: The Urban Feed Market at 1118 S. Fort Thomas Avenue. There is currently a Pet Wants location at Findlay Market, which has been in that location since 2011, but the two will split delivery territories throughout the region.

According to Kelly, Dirty Hairy's and Pet Wants will share space in building. "On one side we are going to have the best pet food you can buy on the market today and right next to it we will have self-serve or full-serve pet grooming just like now at Dirty Hairy's," she said. "We are going to close temporarily at our current location until we have the new building renovated and we hope that our customers will bear with us for a short time."

Dirty Hairy's Self & Full Service Dog Spa is located in the Hiland Building at 18 N. Fort Thomas Avenue and has been there for five years. Dirty Hairy's currently offers four self-serve wash stations and Kelly also offers full service dog grooming and she will continue that at the new facility. She will also now have set hours.

"Our pet food will be made to order once a month and is guaranteed fresh. We offer all of our pet food by the pound so you can buy only what you need, when you need it," said Kelly. "When I saw the effects of the Pet Wants food on my customer's pets who previously had skin and digestive issues, I was blown away. The difference was amazing. I'm a total believer in this product."

She said that some of the products they will offer, such as treats and jerky, will actually be made in house. They will also carry supplements, balms, salves and natural flea treatments.

Customers are able to order online or come into the store. The franchise includes free delivery as part of their mission. Kelly and Cramer also have plans to create a "puppy patio" that will be gated off on the side of the property so that customers can have a coffee as their dog enjoys a homemade treat.

Kelly said that they are also negotiating to add a third pet-related business to the location and that the goal is to provide a one-stop shop for everything that you'd need for your pet. She said that after searching for the best pet food on the market for herself and her customers, she found Pet Wants.

"How many stories do you hear nowadays about pets getting diseases and cancers? And its basically because what we are feeding them," said Kelly. "The manufacturer of Pet Wants has been in business since 1978 and has never been issued a recall."

Kelly and Cramer have been friends for 12 years.

"We have always talked about doing something together in business," said Cramer.  "The love for animals is something we both share. I was looking for something new and she was looking to expand and the product spoke for itself. How could you not want to be involved with this?"

Cramer also said that the "shop local" aspect of the business was important to her. She also owns Treasure Cellar, which now has a location at Fort Thomas Design and Antiques Center. Pet Wants is known for its high quality, nutritionally complete and balanced line of pet food, which is made in Ohio.

"With what we know about pet foods and nutrition, it's unbelievable what these larger manufactures are able to legally get away with," said Cramer. "Most commercial pet food is manufactured in mass quantities and sent to a series of distribution warehouses before finally making it onto the shelf at your local store. It can sit from anywhere from 6-8 months before it’s purchased for consumption, which means the food almost has no nutritional value by the time your pet eats it."

Cramer said that if you have a brand you are loyal to they can provide you a side-by-side nutrition comparison between that brand and the brand they offer.

"Ours will win every time," she said.

The duo said that they are pushing for the renovations to be completed soon so that they can open by mid-November.

According to Kelly, who is also a Fort Thomas City Councilwoman, Pet Wants already delivers to many homes in Fort Thomas and they will give new customers a pound of food for their pets to try for free.

"Pet Wants already has a significant presence in the Fort Thomas and 471 corridor," said Founder of Pet Wants, Michelle Hobbs. "These ladies have so much experience and passion for business. We know that they will bring an elevated pet service to the already thriving pet community here in Fort Thomas. This loyal local appeal is exactly what we look for as we expand the Pet Wants family. So proud to have Lisa and Susan in our Pack!"

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