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Thursday, November 5, 2015

A New Restaurant Tenant is Coming to Newport Plaza

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In April of 2014 Octavio Correo, owner of El Rio Grande in the Newport Plaza, began shaping the former Blockbuster Video space into Jalapeño Express (link), which was to compete with Chipotle across Carothers Road in the Newport Pavilion.

The premise was to offer the same quality, but for $5 the customer would get a burrito and tortilla chips.

"It's going to be the same quality as you'd see at a restaurant like Chipotle," said Correo. "But we are going to give you more for less."

Construction time lagged for the build-out and Jalapeño Express didn't open until December of 2014. With business not being what they had hoped, it was closed only five weeks later.

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Now, according to Jaimie Niemczura, Real Estate Manager at American Diversified Developments which owns The Newport Plaza, a new tenant is taking over the space and has plans to open in December.

Hot Head Burritos, a restaurant chain based out of Dayton Ohio will take over the space. The Newport location will be the fourth franchise to open in Kentucky, after opening in Erlanger, Florence and Fort Wright. They also have plans to open a franchise on Glenway Avenue in Cincinnati.

The restaurant offers a customizable menu of burritos, nachos, bowls, and quesadillas with a variety of vegetables, proteins, and many different sauces. The proteins include chicken, steak, pork, taco meat, and barbacoa. Vegetarian options are also available. The house-made "Hot Head Sauce" is the most popular and in the middle of the spectrum of spiciness. In all they offer over a dozen sauces from which customers can choose.

Hot Head has 62 locations open now, most in Ohio, with several others in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and Florida. And several more locations are in the works in north and east Ohio, including ones that could open this year in Boardman, Groveport, Portsmouth and Zanesville. A Movi, Mich. site is also planned.

You can apply for jobs at the Newport location now at this link. 


  1. I'm personally excited as I prefer Hot Head over Chipotle!

  2. Will they serve alcoholic beverages?

  3. better than Chipotle!