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Monday, November 16, 2015

First Baptist Church in Fort Thomas Celebrates 100 Years

By Chuck Keller 

Birthday parties are great fun. But a 100th birthday is even better. The First Baptist Church of Fort Thomas celebrated their first one hundred years this fall with a special service and luncheon. Former pastors, youth ministers, staff as well as regional Baptist representatives attended.

In addition to the festivities, the church revealed the contents of the original cornerstone and created a new cornerstone for the next century. Unfortunately, some of the original contents suffered water damage so to avoid that problem, the new contents were sealed in a right plastic container before being placed back into the corner of the church entrance.

The church played a vital role after Highlands burned. Classes were held there and in several local facilities until the new school was rebuild. Church members offered aid to the victims of the Falmouth flood as well as Hurricane Katrina. They have sent missionaries around the world and have developed local outreach programs.

Current pastor, Micah Spicer, said that “it was a good day reconnecting.” Spiced said he is excited about the future of the church and it’s easy to catch that enthusiasm when you talk to him. He said d that as he examined the vision of the original vision of the fifty-two founding members he can connect that to the present to see how that will guide them in their future. And if that future is as exciting and passionate as Spicer, then it will be a dynamic future indeed.


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