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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fort Thomas Monthly Police Report (September 2015)

Fort Thomas Police Officers with Bret Michaels and other surrounding officers who spent time patrolling Tower Park during the Merchants and Music Festival. 
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Burglaries are on the rise in Campbell County and surrounding counties. In September there were two burglaries on Rosemont, but with the quick and thorough response by the patrol officers, two subjects where quickly developed as suspects.  Those two suspects were subsequently interviewed have have been charged in connection with those burglaries.

In collaborating with other detectives with neighboring counties, those subjects were also charged with several other burglaries.

With the holidays fast approaching, police would like to remind the community that thefts are likely to increase during this time.

"Please stay vigilant in locking your doors, keeping your porch lights on, locking your car doors and put your valuables in a secure location."

Fort Thomas Detectives received 13 new cases in September, of which 10 were theft and burglary related. Detectives said that they have seen an increase in burglaries within Campbell County and ask that citizens and home owners stay vigilant in observing and reporting suspicious activity.

September cases included a death investigation, thefts, fraudulent use of credit cards, burglary, sexual offense, and theft of identity (pie chart below).

Through nine months of 2015, detectives has seen their case load increase in four of those months.

Sentiguard Update (link):

After two months of operation, the department was around 100 users.

"While this is well short of where we'd like to be, we are happy that the word has spread and several members of the community are using the app," said Det. Adam Noe.

You can download the app through the Apple App Store of Google play under "Sentiguard."

In September officers wrote 19 speeding charges, 10 DUI charges, 13 charges for non-traffic offenses (warrants, assaults, disorderly conduct, etc) and 98 traffic charges.

Officers also issued 135 written warnings and totaled 17 court appearances.

There were 13 drug related charges placed against 9 adults. Two of the individuals were Fort Thomas residents and traffic stops led to 9 of the 13 charges.

Individual Statistics (Total State Citation Charges)
155 Total State Citation Charges
#1 - Officer Doug Hoffman - 38 charges
#2 - Officer Adam Peak - 22 charges
#3 - Officer Michael Dietz - 16 charges
#4 - Officer Derek Faught - 13 charges
#5 - Officer Zac Rohlfer - 12 charges

September 2015 vs September 2014 Enforcement Summary (Most Common Charges)
Non-Traffic Charges
Alcohol Related (2 vs 5)
Drug Related (13 vs 24)
Warrants Served (9 vs 15)
Receiving Stolen Property (3 vs 1)
Assault (1 vs 0)
TOTAL (28 vs 57)

Traffic Charges 
DUI (10 vs 7)
Speeding (19 vs 29)
Other Hazardous Violations (8 vs 9)
Operator License Violations (17 vs 17)
Vehicle License Violations (15 vs 10)
No Seat Belt in Use (30 vs 10)
TOTAL (126 vs 99)

Juvenile Charges
Drug Related (0 vs 5)
Disorderly Conduct (0 vs 2)
TOTAL (0 vs 7)

Offense Reports
Theft Related (9 vs 18)
Alcohol Related (1 vs 3)
Drug Related (7 vs 24)
DUI (9 vs 9)
TOTAL (35 vs 78)

Incident Reports
Abuse/Neglect (4 vs 0)
Property Damage (3vs 4)
Neighborhood Dispute (4 vs 0)
Animal Related (0 vs 1)
Missing Persons (3 vs 2)
TOTAL (17 vs 12)

Accident Reports
TOTAL (31 vs 28)

Drug Charges Placed on Individuals
Fort Thomas residents - 4 charges on three individual and one juvenile.
Charges: 2 Possession of Marijuana, 1 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, 1 Prescription Not in Proper Containter

Cincinnati - 7 charges placed on four individuals.

Newport - 2 charges placed on two individuals.

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