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Monday, November 2, 2015

Hold'Em to Help'Em Fundraiser to Support Tera Huddleston, co-owner of Monera Chic Boutique

Tera Huddleston, co-owner of Monera Chic Boutique, poses with family.

Local resident Tera Huddleston, who also grew up in Fort Thomas, was first diagnosed with stage 3C colon cancer October 2011. After successfully going through treatment, she and longtime friend Monica Bruns-Howard fulfilled a dream by opening Monera Chic Boutique May 2014.

The duo's dream has been successful. Today the store offers a wide range of clothes, jewelry, hats, scarves and bags. Lines include Bourbon & Boweties, Swan Creek Candles, Yo Sox, Coco + Carmen Boot Cuffs and Ginger Snaps Jewelry.

Huddleston was recently diagnosed with colon cancer for a second time. A fundraiser will be held Nov. 21 to help with medical expenses. 

Recently, Huddleston, mother of three boys (Billy, Brycen and Keaton), learned her cancer is back. Fort Thomas residents are rallying, and friends and family would love your support.

Hold'Em to Help'Em will take place Saturday, November 21 at the Carnegie Event Center (403 Monmouth St., Newport), 6pm to 11:30pm. A $20 entry free includes food, beer and wine. While the Texas Hold'Em tournament is sold out, attendees can bid on individual items in a silent auction, and participate in various raffles and split the pot. The Carter New band will begin playing music at 8:30pm. All proceeds will go directly to the Huddleston family to help cover medical expenses.

Joseph F. Grimme, an attorney with Fessler, Schneider & Grimme on North Grand Ave., and Campbell County Deputy Master Commissioner, has lived in Fort Thomas all his life. A graduate of Highlands High School, Grimme knew Huddleston's husband, Scott, who was a few years older. Years later both men coached baseball against each other for a handful of years and their children, who are close in age, have competed in sports together. "Several years ago Scott and I formed the Moyer Boosters, of which we both dedicated a lot of time to fundraising," Grimme says. It was during that time that Grimme got to know Tera Huddleston better.

About 10 years ago Grimme organized a fundraising event for another friend who had cancer. "It was a huge success and I enjoyed seeing the community pull together to support someone in need," Grimme says. "Knowing that Tera had recently found out that her cancer had returned, I began thinking about doing the same for her and her family." 

Grimme approached the Huddlestons with the idea and, after a few days of thought, they accepted.

Enter Carie Schwalbach, who is helping with the event. Schwalbach became close friends with Huddleston several years ago when their sons became friends in elementary school and played on several sports teams together. In addition, Schwalbach's husband, Chris, and Huddleston's husband, Scott, have been close friends since high school.

"Tera reached out to me one evening to share Joe's idea," Schwalbach says. "She was overwhelmed by his thoughtfulness and willingness to coordinate an event like this for her and her family. Tera is generally a private person so I think the idea of a fundraiser, putting her in the spotlight, was a little bit out of her comfort zone. She simply asked me if I would be a part of it and I said yes, without hesitation. I called Joe the next morning and left a tearful message letting him know I was ready to help."

In an era of mobility, Fort Thomas is unique in that many of its residents are several generations deep. "And, like Scott and Tera, many husbands and wives are both from Fort Thomas, which makes the bond between families even stronger," Grimme says. "The generosity and support that is shown from our residents is something that everyone should be proud of."

To show your generosity and support, you can learn more about the fundraiser here. Tickets can be purchased online here or at the door the day of the event. To donate items to the event, or to help in any way, contact Grimme at or Schwalbach at

"Fort Thomas is such a closely knit community, with families that have been here for several generations," Schwalbach says. "Today, mores so than ever, I think we recognize that 'we are all in this together' when it comes to raising our families here. It truly does take a village! Fundraisers like this are another important way to teach each other and our children the power of 'community.'"

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  1. Lovely article! I graduated Highlands with Tera, and know Scott, Joe, Chris and Carie as well. I welled up in tears reading this because I've not seen any of them in at least 20 years and it just warms my heart to know they've stuck together and bonded over this horrific ordeal of Tera's. I'll be reaching out to one of them as me and my family live out of state and we'd also like to give to the Huddlestons to ease some of their burdens. We'll also be praying for them, that the Lord would show up in a big, big way so that Tera and Scott could have many more years of raising their family together in full health and happiness!