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Monday, November 2, 2015

OP-ED, Paul Whalen: Why I Am Voting Conway/Overly and the Democratic Ticket

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By Paul L. Whalen
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Education and a better business climate are the reasons I am voting for Jack Conway over his opponent.  Under the administration of Gov. Steve Beshear Kentucky unlike many other states has made progress in the areas of economic development and education.  This is evidenced by Site Selection magazine’s number one national ranking of Kentucky as a place to expand or move a business.

Jack Conway like Steve Beshear believe that state government has a significant role in economic development.  Jack Conway as Governor and Sanny Overly as Lt. Governor plan to continue if not expand the state’s role in economic development.  Their plans to expand the availability of high speed broadband throughout the Commonwealth including the underserved rural areas.

The Conway/Overly team understand there is need to have a skilled work force for economic development.  In order to have better educated students there is a need for expanded pre-school in order for children to be better prepared to learn on grade level by the third grade.  This is a major difference between the Conway/Overly Team and their Republican opponents who are openly opposed to expand pre-school.

The Democrats running for the 5 constitutional offices on the ballot include a qualified and talented team of public servants to serve Kentucky.

Jean-Marie Lawson Spann is the most qualified individual to seek the post of Commissioner of Agriculture in more than a decade.  Jean Marie is actively involved in KY Agri-Business and knows how to find export markets for KY farm products.  She has an agriculture radio show broadcast in the Bowling Green area.

Rep. Rick Nelson is the most qualified candidate for State Treasurer.  As seen in the KET Debate, he has a better understanding of the state budget than his opponent and the role of the treasurer.

Andy Beshear is a talented attorney with extensive experience in complex litigation.  This background with complex legal issues will be an asset for his service as KY’s next Attorney General.

State Auditor Adam Edelen deserves a second term.  He has worked to improve the workings of government and uncover fraud and corruption.  His work with the Dayton School District uncovered the embezzlement of a former school superintendent.  Edelen is now working to audit the number of untested rape kits.  With his final report, expect suggestions on how KY can speed up the process of testing rape kits.

Secretary of State Alison Grimes has worked to make it easier make the services of the KY Secretary of State more accessible over the internet.  Soldiers serving overseas can now apply for absentee ballots over the internet. Additionally, more business services are available over the web.

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