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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bevin: We Will Transform The Way Medicaid is Delivered in Kentucky

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Gov. Matt Bevin. 
Governor Matt Bevin and Health and Family Services Secretary Vickie Yates Glisson announced plans to develop a transformative Medicaid program for Kentucky. Governor Bevin has requested Mark D. Birdwhistell, a former Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, to assemble a team of experts to assist in the drafting of a Medicaid waiver solution for the Commonwealth that addresses the financial unsustainability of the current Medicaid program.

FTM Radio covered the conference.


Gov. Matt Bevin said former CHFS Secretary Mark Birdwhistell will head team of experts drafting a Medicaid waiver for Ky.

Bevin: "We are going to transform the way in which Medicaid is delivered in Kentucky and will serve as a beacon for other states to emulate. Bevin said he's looking to Indiana as Medicaid model, but customized for Ky's needs."

Bevin: "I truly believe by the middle of next year to know whether this is going to work or not."

Bevin: "Traditional Medicaid alone as it exists is not sustainable. The study that it was by the outgoing administration was a lie."

Bevin: "Waivers are not just about saving money. More than the dollars, we want to make sure that people will have good health outcomes."

Bevin: "I’m equally confident and uncertain that this could work. I have confidence that we could come up with a solution. I’m more confident that we’ll come up with a viable solution. This will not be another version of something you’ve seen."

Bevin: "We owe people the dignity and respect to be able to make decisions while they are dependent on the assistance of others."

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