Saturday, December 26, 2015

Blue Marble's Dave Richardson Wins James Patterson Bonus Award

Dave Richardson. 
James Patterson has done it again.

In 2014, he gave away over a million dollars to independent booksellers across the country as way to thank them for their literacy work and as to help them make much-needed store improvements. Now Patterson’s awarding various amounts to schools, libraries, and independent bookstore employees based on nominations submitted via his website.

Dave Richardson, who has been with Blue Marble Books for almost 13 years, is an incredibly worthy recipient of the holiday bonus. He is one of 87 recipients across the country and one of three recipients in all of Kentucky and Ohio

Anyone who knows Dave knows that he knows books inside and out.

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Schoolteachers, librarians, moms and dads and even coworkers know that they can count on him for his literary expertise.

"He’s the kind of employee that gets to work early and will stay late as needed. And since our business is the book business, he’s always reading or listening to audiobooks to stay up to date on the latest books," said Peter Moore, owner of Blue Marble, in a release. "So there are many untold hours that he puts into his job as a bookseller. We at Blue Marble are so very lucky to have him here!"


Blue Marble Books has been serving the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area since June 1979. We are a full-service independent bookseller with a personal commitment to our customers and our community.
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  1. Congratulations, Dave! I'm so glad you're being recognized for your love of good books, for the devouring of good books, and for sharing your knowledge of the books that avid readers, reluctant readers, and kids of all ages would love to devour.
    Fort Thomas residents, if you're readers, and you haven't talked to Dave at Blue Marble Books, you're missing an opportunity to find the gems that are on the store's shelves. Yeah, Dave!

  2. I totally agree with Chris.
    Go Dave!