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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cheryl McCafferty Released From Prison

Cheryl McCafferty, via WCPO. 
After being in custody since 2007 for shooting and killer her husband, Robert McCafferty, Cheryl McCafferty is now a free woman. 

Her serve out date was December 9, 2016, but Mike Caudill from the Kentucky Department of Corrections told FTM that with statute limitations, good behavior and vocational programs, it was possible that she could have been released as early as November 16, 2015 and as late as March 9, 2016. 

Gov. Steve Beshear issued a pardon to 192 people on his last day in office. McCafferty received one of those.

WCPO's Tom McKee was in Fredonia today, where McCafferty was released. Some tidbits from his report:
- Her pardon means her record is completely clean. There's no felony to carry with her the rest of her life. She will be able to legally own a gun.

- Paperwork began processing today at 9:00 a.m. and wasn't completed until 3:30 p.m, when she was released to her daughter at the Ross-Cash Women's Correctional Facility in Fredonia, Kentucky in Western Kentucky. 

- Campbell County Prosecutor, Michelle Snodgrass, told WCPO:
"The jury sat there and listened for two and a half weeks of testimony. They didn't decide that Cheryl  McCafferty acted in self-defense. The jury was probably in the best position to make that decision and they found her guilty of manslaughter."

- McCafferty "plans to spend private time with both of her children who live out of state and then return to Northern Kentucky."

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