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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Donations for the Veteran’s Hospital Needed

Although it has felt more like Spring than Christmas, everywhere across our fair city, people are getting into the holiday spirit.

From the beautiful holiday tree at Inverness Square to the lighted trees lining the Avenue, seasonal spirit abounds.  However, for many this time of year, history, tragedy, hardship, or health, makes celebrating the season all the more difficult.  This holds true in many areas of our city, not the least of which is the Veteran’s Hospital in Tower Park.

Enter Linda Slone, Fort Thomas volunteer extraordinaire, and her band of philanthropic friends.

For the past seven years, Slone has made it her personal mission to ensure that the veterans receiving care at the VA Hospital are afforded the opportunity to celebrate especially in light of their many personal sacrifices.

Slone began the USO Dance seven years ago and has watched it grow annually.  In addition, Slone mobilized her own troops (i.e., family and friends) at Christmas time to request donations for the VA Hospital.  This started several years ago with donations of cards and cookies for the veterans.

In recent years, it has expanded to include lightly used Christmas decorations including trees, lights, and other festive items.  Last year, Slone and her daughter Bridget Clore, were able to adorn the hospital with seven decorated trees amongst the many other holiday items.  Clore is responsible for sending out the annual requests for donated items.

This year, the veterans at the hospital have mentioned needing some basic necessities such as new socks and gloves.  So, in addition to decorating with trees, sending handwritten notes and cards, and home-baked cookies, Slone is also requesting donations of socks and gloves.

And it isn’t too late to answer her call and support her mission.  Donated items (socks, gloves, other necessities, or Christmas decorations) can be dropped off to Slone at BB&T or give her a call at: 859-750-9532 if you have a donation to give.

If Christmas is a time of giving, let us not forget to give to those who have already given so much of themselves.

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  1. These can be dropped off at the Ft. Thomas BB&T?
    What a great idea!