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Thursday, December 10, 2015

For Several Fort Thomas Families Taking Classes at Summit Martial Arts is a Family Affair

Chief Instructor Rick Hill with Madison Reynolds at her first tournament in Evansville, Ind.

Rarely do sport-centric extracurriculars involve the entire family. Instead one member of the family is driven to practices and events while the rest (happily or begrudgingly, depending on the state of the sibling) tags along.

But at Summit Martial Arts in the Midway District, training is a family affair.

Fort Thomas residents Maggie and Chris Dickow, along with their children, Simon and Sophia, have all joined the martial arts school. "Mr. Hill is not only a taekwondo instructor but a mentor and a teacher," Maggie Dickow says. 

Rick Hill, 5th degree black belt and owner of Summit Martial Arts, has been practicing martial arts since he was 5 years old. Like the Dickows, Hill and his father both took lessons. And along the way Hill, too, earned instructors who served as mentors, including Marjorie Templeton, now 90 years old. Templeton has ties to Fort Thomas having served as assistant superintendent for many years.

Hill, who grew up in northern Kentucky, chose Fort Thomas largely because of its family environment. He says he sought out a community where adults were striving to be healthier and cared about their children's education. 

As a child Hill said he lacked focus. He lacked confidence. Martial arts, however, changed all that. And during his freshman year of high school, when his father died of cancer, the martial arts community served as a second family.

Hill and his father trained under Templeton for years. Hill's father eventually taught classes for her. Throughout the years Hill has worked for many high-ranking instructors, and has served as chief instructor at various award-winning American Taekwondo Association-accredited schools. 

At Summit, Hill offers classes for kids and adults, but encourages family participation. For the Dickows, it has been ideal.

Simon Dickow one first place in forms, first place in sparring and third place in weapons at his first tournament. 

Sophia Dickow attends classes at Summit Martial Arts with her entire family.

"He has instilled self confidence in my daughter, Sophia, that she was lacking before starting his class," Dickow says. "She feels capable and comfortable in the environment that he has created. Simon has learned self control and now understands that setting small goals and teaching them will ultimately get him to his long-term goal. It's been a wonderful experience taking taekwondo as a family. Our children see that Mom and Dad are working hard and feel proud of us."

For kids especially, much of the focus at Summit Martial Arts is on building confidence. Respect. Self discipline. Focus. Hill regularly awards students not only for progress within his program, but progress at school and home as well.

ATA Tigers (4 to 6 year olds) after their first belt graduation.

"Mr. Hill is the real deal," Dickow says. "He reveals himself and allows the class to know the struggles he's personally faced and how setting his own goals in taekwondo have helped him life. I have the utmost respect for him."

Hill is currently offering a holiday special, which includes six weeks of classes, a uniform and a white belt for $69. Because he encourages entire families to enjoy, simply pay for two and the whole family can participate. Learn more here.

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  1. Thank you so much for this article Kara. Mr. Hill & Summit Martial Arts is a wonderful asset to our community.