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Monday, December 21, 2015

Fort Thomas Police Monthly Report (October)

FTM file. 
Community Events
Cookies for a Cop dropped off cookies to officers in October. The organization, in its second year, has distributed over 100,000 cookies in 27 states just to show officers that they support them.

A similar initiative, Safe Harbor, was picked up locally by FTM and carried out throughout the streets of Fort Thomas.

Officers also met with a local Boy Scout Troop, Wise Owl students, families at The Barrington, Johnson Elementary students, helped with Woodfill's Big Top Festival and the Pumpkin Walk as well as sponsoring another blood drive for Hoxworth Blood Center.

Officers Zac Rohlfer and Brandon Laffin and guest, Cincinnati Reds second baseman, Brandon Phillips, spoke to Johnson Elementary School students for Red Ribbon Week.

Phillips started the presentation off by talking to the kids about never doing drugs.

Sgt. Brent Moening received a thank you note from a resident that he assisted when she returned to her car from visiting Rossford Park and it wouldn't start. Moening checked fuses, lent them tools and flashlights to find the problem, but the car wouldn't start. They had to have it towed, but Moening kept his promise of checking on the car throughout the night.

Det. Adam Noe received a thank you note from a teacher at Highlands Middle School. Noe came to the class to talk to students about a "blood evidence" unit they were working on for math and science.

Officer Sean Donelan received a thank you note from the daughter of an elderly resident he assisted with involving a potential scam. He went to her house on his off day and even answered the phone while he was at her house, at her request.

Sgt. Chris Carpenter and Officers Doug Bryant and Michael Dietz, as members of the Kenton County SWAT team, received a Proclamation from the City of Independence and many members of the community in Independence for their professionalism and diligence dealing with the hostage situation. 

- Det. Rowland graduated from the five week Kentucky Criminalistics Academy.
- Burglaries are continuing to be an issue in Campbell County and Fort Thomas. During October, there were several burglaries including some that were related to vacant properties.

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Fort Thomas Detectives received 14 new cases in October, of which 10 were theft and burglary related.

October cases included a thefts, fraudulent use of credit cards, burglary, sexual offense, and theft of identity (pie chart below).

Through ten months of 2015, detectives has seen their case load increase in five of those months.

In October officers wrote 13 speeding charges, 2 DUI charges, 25 charges for non-traffic offenses (warrants, assaults, disorderly conduct, etc) and 99 traffic charges.

Officers also issued 134 written warnings and totaled 36 court appearances.

There were 19 drug related charges placed against 14 adults. Two of the individuals were Fort Thomas residents and traffic stops led to 13 of the 19 charges.

Individual Statistics (Total State Citation Charges)
165 Total State Citation Charges
#1 - Officer Nick Hoffman - 43 charges
#2 - Officer Brandon Laffin - 26 charges
#3 - Officer Derek Faught - 14 charges
T-#5 - Officer Adam Peak - 13 charges
T-#5 - Officer Emily Leising - 13 charges

October 2015 vs October 2014 Enforcement Summary (Most Common Charges)
Non-Traffic Charges
Alcohol Related (1 vs 5)
Drug Related (19 vs 22)
Warrants Served (22 vs 24)
Receiving Stolen Property (0 vs 2)
Assault (2 vs 2)
TOTAL (45 vs 64)

Traffic Charges 
DUI (2 vs 4)
Speeding (13 vs 18)
Other Hazardous Violations (5 vs 14)
Operator License Violations (26 vs 12)
Vehicle License Violations (16 vs 12)
No Seat Belt in Use (31 vs 6)
TOTAL (114 vs 81)

Juvenile Charges
Criminal Mischief (4 vs 0)
Alcohol Related (0 vs 3)
Receiving Stolen Property (1 vs 0)
TOTAL (6 vs 7)

Offense Reports
Theft Related (12 vs 7)
Alcohol Related (1 vs 4)
Drug Related (14 vs 16)
DUI (1 vs 4)
Assault ( 6 vs 6)
TOTAL (39 vs 52)

Incident Reports
Abuse/Neglect (9 vs 5)
Property Damage (1 vs 0)
Neighborhood Dispute (2 vs 0)
Animal Related (3 vs 3)
Missing Persons (3 vs 0)
TOTAL (27 vs 16)

Accident Reports
TOTAL (30 vs 27)

Drug Charges Placed on Individuals
Fort Thomas residents - three charges on two individuals.
Charges: Two Possession of controlled substance, One Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Cincinnati - Five charges placed on three individuals.

Northern Kentucky - Five charges placed on five individuals.

Kentucky - Six charges placed on four individuals.

This picture was also included in the Monthly Fire Report. Great job, Lilly.


  1. I can't help but wonder why the photo of a printout of a pie chart, and why a 3D pie chart for numbers so small? If 1 slice of the chart is equal to 1 unit, you don't need visual aids.

    1. Cuz I is hard at numbers, but know how much pie to eat. 1 slice, 2 slice? No. Small slice, big slice! Yeah.