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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Imperial Apartments Transform Into The Grandeur

The Grandeur at 825 and 831 S. Grand Avenue. 
The properties at 825 and 831 S. Grand Avenue sold to a new management team in July, as first reported by Fort Thomas Matters. The former Imperial Apartments have been rebranded and reconstructed as The Grandeur. 

After years of problems between the last management company, the residents who lived in the properties and the neighbors surrounding the buildings, city council was bombarded with requests to help the neighbors curb the perceived bad behavior. 

Then, perhaps the best thing that could have happened, did. 

Courtyard Properties bought the units for $720,000 and planned to invest a large amount into the buildings, starting with the back. Property manager, Jesse Brewer, told FTM back in July that the former Imperial Apartments fit their investment profile.

"We buy undervalued properties that we see an opportunity to increase their value. (Imperial Apartments) had all the ingredients. We are going to empty out the back building and will be releasing those tenants so we can start renovating. New landscaping, removing some old trees, making the property more visible, a new roof, and making each interior have a nicer layout will be our main objectives," he said.

Brewer recently told FTM that they have completed remodeling of seven units, with plans to remodel all 16. He said units are available now and that rents will start at $850 per month. Under Kramer Apartments LLC, rents were between $600-$650, which were some of the lowest in the city.

You can see "BEFORE" pictures of the units at this link. 


  1. Im glad to see that our city of Fort Thomas is going through a beautification process! It is people like Jesse Brewer and Courtyard Properties that are buying up these rundown appartment buildings, making the community safer and more beautiful.

  2. Its a blessing. Was a city eye sore as well as bad reputation. i live not far from there and witnessed the feds there with assault rifles early last year. Thanks to the new owners!

  3. I am confused, why does this make it safer? I don't recall there being dangerous situations bc of imperial. I thought it was just more of these people are trashy complaints...if I am wrong please correct me.