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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Attorney General Beshear Voices Support for National Guidelines for Prescribing Opiates for Chronic Pain

CDC guidelines will help Kentucky, bordering states with prescription drug abuse

Andy Beshear. 
Attorney General, Andy Beshear, released a statement today stating his position on national guidelines for prescribing pail pills.

“In Kentucky we face a crushing epidemic of addiction. One of my core missions as Attorney General is to better address the drug problem faced by our Kentucky families and workforce. In keeping this pledge, my office is joining other state attorneys general in voicing support for the recently issued draft 'Guidelines for Prescribing Opiates for Chronic Pain' by the CDC. The guidelines provide clear direction for prescribers on when to prescribe opiates and how to safely manage patients. Kentucky has taken historic steps to tackle prescription drug abuse within our borders. Our landmark 2012 prescription drug abuse legislation and our crackdown on pill mills have seen results. But our families still face a flood of prescription pills from other states. Supporting these guidelines is one step toward shutting down these pain pill pipelines. Our fight against drugs is a tough one, but my promise is that the Attorney General’s office will be relentless every day in our work to better protect our families.”

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