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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cindy Sugarman - Kindermusik

One morning a week, moms  pack up their children, as young as four months to 6 years, and head out to Kindermusik.

It isn’t always easy to get these little ones dressed, fed, and ready to go, but once mom and child are relaxed into class, it is so worth it.

For the next 40 minutes, the focus is on music, singing, dancing and playing shaker instruments.  Socially, mom gets energy and insight from other moms.  Children get to interact with other children.  And this special, intentional time has been set aside by mom,  this time in her week, to focus on her child and to engage in music making.

Why music?  Why so young?  These questions are frequently asked by those inquiring about early childhood music classes.  Yet after just a few weeks, these questions answer themselves.  The child’s response to the music is amazing.  On a typical morning, upon entering the classroom, moms and children take off coats and shoes and children pick up an instrument that has been set out for pre-class exploration.    When class begins, they just as quickly put these instruments away!   Right?  Amazing.  Yet at 12 months, at 18 months, at 2 years, the children willingly (mostly) put the instruments away, so proud of their role in cleaning up,  sit and begin tapping  their knees in readiness for the “hello song”,  eager to hear their name sung by others, and to sing to classmates.

Our children absorb what we offer.   When it is time to listen and identify the sound, little hands cup little ears, eager, ready, waiting for the challenge.  It is sometimes harder than it sounds… a growling lion sound can also sound like a car or motorcycle!  Three year olds, yes, this young, can discern the texture of a song….one voice or many?  One instrument or many?

And through early experimentation, guidance and preparation, little hands begin to sound out songs on the glockenspiel.  The progression is exciting to watch.  Through early years of music as the little ones gain more self control in gross and fine motor skills, and in working together with others, listening to each other, learning to watch for visual and musical cues, by the age of 5 years, the children can play 4 to 5 songs for their parents, on the glockenspiel, in ensemble with their classmates.

Why music?  For accomplishment, for the understanding of rhythm, form, tempo, dynamics, and melody that develops through the act of listening to and engaging in music.  And for pure joy of using the voice, of using the body expressively.

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