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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Meet David Cameron: Candidate For Fort Thomas City Council

David Cameron files for Fort Thomas City Council. FTM file. 
By David Cameron, OP-ED

I’m running for Fort Thomas City Council because I want to help make our city better.

While I am a new face to the Fort, I represent an important demographic: young professionals relocating to the Cincinnati area with their young families.  My wife and I kept an open mind when we relocated here from Lexington.  We looked at most neighborhoods, both north and south of the river.  We thought Fort Thomas had the most to offer.  However, I often see these “Best of the Region” lists and am astonished when Fort Thomas isn’t at the top.

Fort Thomas is undervalued given our unique, best of region assets.  We have a clean and attractive community, friendly people, blue ribbon schools, an amazing location, great parks and a picturesque downtown. As a member of council, I want to figure out why we are undervalued and how to better showcase our city.

Additionally, I want to continue to build upon our strengths and intend to focus on initiatives that incentivize investment in our community, both residential and business.  I also want to ensure that we are getting the most “bang for our buck”.

Is the City spending your money wisely?

Are maximum tax increases really necessary every year?

Finally, I realize that making our community better should be a team sport.  Therefore, I want to work on initiatives that encourage our residents to be more engaged in the community so we utilize our diverse talents to solve problems and enhance our area.  That said, I want to be accessible to you.

What are your ideas?

What do you think are our top areas for improvement?  How can we work together to solve the tough issues ahead?  These are the questions that I will continue to ask as your council member.

I would appreciate your vote and the opportunity to serve.


  1. Seems like a knowledgeable and polite fellow. But my question is how is he going to balance serving as Prime Minister of the U.K. while also serving on our city council?

  2. so far so good. collier, why didn't you run?