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Monday, January 18, 2016

Fit Philosophie and The Art House Team Up for a Special Event THIS Saturday

Fit Philosophie and the Art House are teaming up for a special Meet and Greet this Saturday.

Two Fort Thomas favorites, Fit Philosophie and the Art House, have partnered to offer a special Meet and Greet this Saturday. Why go? For many, "lose weight" was a New Year's resolution. Statistically, chances are it won't happen. And right about now is the time some of us start giving up—for a variety of reasons. Crash diets don't work. And there's no one answer that fits everyone. Jennifer Lynn, owner of Fit Philosphie knows this. So what does work? A maintainable exercise program, a personalized clean-eating plan, and community support.

So if you're on the brink of giving up, wait. Come to Fit Philosphie's Coffee and Art Meet and Greet this Saturday, January 23, 9:30am to 11:30am, and meet their new holistic health coach, Jodi Bertke. While there sip on complimentary pour-over coffee and tea from Urbana Cafe. In addition, browse artwork, meet artists, and learn about the myriad of new programs available this year from the Art House. Programs you can participate in to better you—all of you. Now is not the time to give up on your resolution. Consider this your nudge. Your restart. The beginning to a healthier you.

Jennifer Lynn, owner of Fit Philosophie, met Parrish Monk, director of the Art House, at a Fort Thomas Matters networking event. "One of my goals is to have a strong and supportive relationship with the community and other small businesses," Lynn says. "This was an easy relationship to build. I have my background in the arts (music) and I love art so we were destined to work together." 

Monk says, in essence, Lynn provides the Art House with display space as long as Monk can ensure that fresh art will adorn her walls month to month. "The Meet and Greet will hopefully serve as a catalyst for the mutual growth of Fit Philosophie and the Art House in Fort Thomas," Monk says, adding that helping local artists gain exposure is simply part of the Art House's mission.

"I think that collaboration is a key and essential component of what we do at the Art House and our partners are able to realize a great return on their investment in the partnership," Monk says. "We are all about building community and building a community's capacity to sustain and contribute back to itself." 

The Art House celebrated its one-year anniversary in November, and is continuing to grow. Organizations such as Gallery to Go, Young Rembrandts and INKAA Education Program all utilize the Art House regularly. "We offer classes for adults and children, fun activities and events, and we even have a monthly theme-based art show that is curated by local artists," Monk says. The next show, "Art of Structure," will take place February 20. "In March we will once again host a show honoring all female artists and artisans from Fort Thomas and surrounding areas," Monk says.

Also new is a creative writing workshop that will be offered at the Art House starting in late February, as well as a new creative art class, part of its Creative Corner program, for children, stay-at-home parents and young adults. "Beyond what we are offering to the public, our primary mission is providing critical support services to independent artists and artisans," Monk says. "One of the critical steps forward is that we're launching our online shop (which will be located at by February 15. This will be an important step in helping local artists reach additional markets and buyers on a global scale."

Monk says that while he planted a seed in November 2014, "it's our collaborative partners from the community that have helped the Art House continue to grow. We have over 72 local artists and artisans, 20 small businesses and five organizations that we serve as the Art House in Fort Thomas." Monk says all of these people are dependent on both him and the Art House's volunteer staff to help them achieve success.

"Having art in the studio provides an exciting stimulus and has already prompted conversations about the pieces," Lynn says. "Everyone is looking forward to the monthly shows." Saturday's Meet and Greet will feature abstract work by Megan Arnzen Krieg, Melissa Burch, Jamie Anton, Jennifer Anderson and more.

Artwork by Megan Arnzen Krieg, on display at Fit Philosophie.
Art by Jennifer Anderson, on display at Fit Philosophie. 
Art by Jamie Anton, on display at Fit Philosophie.

"A number of artists from the Art House collaborative will likely attend to help support their fellow artists," Monk says. "I believe it is important for people to have an opportunity to meet the artists and ask questions. People often connect with a piece on a variety of different levels from 'it matches my couch' to a deeper, spiritual connection. Meeting the artist gives people a chance to connect more deeply and meaningfully with the art." Thirty percent of all art sales will go directly to The Art House.

Lynn's partnership with Urbana Cafe developed when she met Daniel Noguera, the Cafe's owner. "He is an animal lover and we are working together to support his cause," Lynn says. "At Urbana Cafe part of the mission is to share their resources with dog rescue organizations and help in any way possible their efforts to find good homes for good dogs." Urbana Cafe will be providing pour overs and hot tea at the Meet and Greet.

In addition to coffee, art and fitness, Lynn hopes the event will draw community members interested in clean eating and creating a healthier lifestyle, too. "The day is meant to facilitate relationship building on all levels," she says. That starts with meeting Bertke, who will be offering one-on-one consulting for those interested in the services of a holistic health coach.

Jodi Bertke, holistic health coach and creator of Modern.Healthy.You. has recently partnered with Fit Philosophie.

"At the studio we always talk about sustainable living," Lynn says. "Excessive exercise and diets are not sustainable. I have been searching for a health coach who promotes healthy living that is realistic and addresses the stress and time constraints of the modern world." She found Bertke, creator of Modern.Healthy.You. 

"Modern.Healthy.You. is a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that Jodi looks at how all areas of your life are connected," Lynn says. "Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising?" Lynn says as Bertke and clients work together, they look at how all parts of one's life affect one's health as a whole.

"Jodi's approach is not to dwell on calories, carbs, fats and proteins," Lynn says. "It is not to create a list of restrictions of good and bad foods. Instead, she works with our clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding. Together, Fit Philosphie and Modern.Healthy.You. will work to reach your health goals in areas such as achieving optimal weight, reducing food cravings, increasing sleep and maximizing energy. As we work together, you'll have a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you and implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, balance and health." 

Jodi Bertke, creator of Modern.Healthy.You., will be providing a variety of workshops at Fit Philosophie.

Bertke will be offering four workshops at Fit Philosophie in the next few months. These include:

• February 6: First 20 Steps to Clean Eating
• March 5: Sugar Blues
• April 2: Green Smoothies
• April 29: Food Label Claims

"It's all about a lifestyle transformation," Bertke says. "I'll be providing holistic health coaching as a three- or six-month personalized program, as well as offering a wellness workshop series." For those who purchase/attend all four workshops at Fit Philosophie, Bertke is offering 50 percent off her Clean Eating Program. Bertke is passionate about teaching others how lifestyle impacts health, and says she's excited to attend Saturday's Meet and Greet. (She'll also be handing out free, homemade, healthy muffins and donuts.)

Fit Philosophie is excited to offer many new programs and classes in 2016.

Saturday's Meet and Greet will give you the opportunity to learn more.

Now is the time for a stronger, healthier you.

Lynn says the Meet and Greet gives Fit Philosophie, which has been up and running for three years, a chance to give back and to meet new people. "We are rolling out a lot of new programs over the next few months and I am really excited about the diversified programming we offer to ensure success and satisfaction," she says. This speaks to Fit Philosophie's mission, which is "to work on a grass-roots level to change the community through individual health by offering cutting-edge classes that are scientifically sound and backed by the most current recommendations," Lynn says.

Fit Philosophie currently employs four regular instructors, as well as "some other great folks who fill in when we need them," Lynn says. Regular instructors include:

Julia Jeffery, a pharmacist who specializes in spinning, Bootcamp and Barre.
Sarah Volgelpohl, the head of Health and Wellness at Fidelity, an ACE personal trainer, a Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer instructor, a Tabata Bootcamp trainer, a TRX trainer and a Barre instructor.
Angie Krift Mitchell, a physical therapist who specializes in Spinning, Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer.
Katie Chadwell, who works for a nonprofit called KnowledgeWorks Foundation. "She brought a new program called POUND to the studio, and it's a pretty fun workout that uses drumsticks," Lynn says. (This program is now offered at Fit Philosophie on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Go here to watch of video of what it's like.)

And then there's Lynn. After graduating summa cum laude from Xavier University, Lynn pursued additional training with MaddDogg Athletics in Spinning, The Physical Mind Institute for Mat Pilates, YogaFit for her 500 RYT, NASM for Personal Training, TRX, Concept 2 for Indoor Rowing and Ski Erg, and Gravity EFI for Personal Training and Piloxing. Lynn also is a Master Trainer for the Barre Above and Tabata Bootcamp programs. She holds a Balanced Body University Comprehensive Certification, which required 488 hours of training. Currently she's working on adding Indo-row and Shockwave trainings to her resume (go here to watch a video), as well as Plyoga. (Attend a FREE Plyoga class Sunday, February 28 at 10am. Go here to watch a video of what it's like."

At the Meet and Greet Fit Philosophie will be offering several new offerings and promotions, including:
• Buy one class, get one free.
• New members can sign up for three private lessons for $135.
• Sign up for the next eight-week Bootcamp, with various price and date options.
• Enjoy coffee, tea and home-baked goodies, for free!
• A drawing with the chance to win one of three prizes.

"I would love to meet new people, sell art for the artists, get folks to learn from Bertke and sign up for her workshops—and I would love for people to become part of the Fit P Family," Lynn says.

To sign up for the event, simply go here.

Monk credits much of the Art House's success to community support—events like this Saturday's Meet and Greet. "As of now our organization is strictly run by volunteers and is still in a state of growth and development," Monk says. "While we have a beautiful building, host a lot of events, donate regularly to the community, and have accomplished a lot in our first year, we are still building and growing as an organization. Linda Slone, one of our newest Governing Board members, constantly reminds me about how much we have contributed to the community and have accomplished in such a short period of time. There are no two ways to say it: Without the continuous support and patronage that we receive from the local community, we would have been dead in the water a long time ago." 

"I am deeply humbled by the continuous support that the Art House has received from visionaries and partners from the community that understand what we are trying to accomplish at the Art House," Monk says. "The visionaries that support us do so because they understand what we are trying to do and accomplish on behalf of countless others and community.

Monk says that individuals, families, businesses, organizations and even the City of Fort Thomas city officials such as Debbie Buckley and Brian Sand have helped build the foundation for the Art House. "There are way too many people to acknowledge but in part, people like Fort Thomas residents Linda and Lonnie Slone; Ken Bowman of Bowman Framing; Bob and JoAnne Arnzen, owners of the Fort Thomas Pub; Beth and Jeff Hudepohl; Bev and Fred Erschell; Sarah 'Pinky' Hammel; Kim Lawless; Drs. Joyce and Elliot Friedeman; 15 North Pizza owners Laurie and Ed Gossman; David and Marcia Hosea of Hosea Project Movers; and Jennifer Polson Jones have given us more than monetary donations—they have given us their time, advice, guidance, support and the tools by which we can build a strong foundation for the Art House making it an effective arts organization like the large organizations you see in other metropolitan areas. "

Monk says the Art House helps the community by helping its local artists and artisans and, economically speaking, the Art House then helps to build wealth and stimulate the local economy when local talent is supported. "I am grateful for being a small part of that vision of service and support for others," Monk says.

Lynn echoes similar sentiments. "The community of Fort Thomas goes above and beyond every day to support my business, my family, and the many charities we support," Lynn says. Community improvement includes an "art" bike rack program, a push for more bike lanes in Fort Thomas, and charity work with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Hospice of the Bluegrass. Fit Philosophie also supports and donates to local schools and events. "[The community of Fort Thomas] is a hard-working and loyal group of wonderful friends. I hope to continue to help the city with wellness projects, and offering a fun, healthy place for people to exercise while giving back through charity any way I can." 

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