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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Highlands Teams Bowls over the Competition

The Highlands Girls Bowling Team. FTM file. 
By Sam Shelton

This year our very own Highlands bowling teams have been practicing harder then ever before. With one common goal: to win state.  This year the bowling season has been going extremely well for both teams. The boys have won all of their matches (6-0) and currently have 4 out of the top 5 averages in the state. The girls are also undefeated (6-0).

Two years ago the boys team made it all the way to the state finals and ended up placing second, however this year they are looking to bring home the champion.

“I want to obviously see a state championship, but first I want to see us make it there. A singles state championship would be nice, but nothing would be better than for the team to win state,” said Highlands senior Jake Farley.

Farley, who is known as "Mr. 300" after bowling a perfect game said that going undefeated in the regular season has spawned a growing confidence in the team.

Sophomores Kathryn Ball agrees, “The season this year has been going well. The girls team has been doing what the coach (Glenn Schmidt) has been saying, which is to pick up our spares. We work hard every practice to do well in our matches on Thursdays and the few tournaments we have been in."

A big reason for the teams' success is the camaraderie the team demonstrates.

“Our team’s chemistry has improved so much since last year,” says Andy Campbell, Highlands sophomore. “We are not just a team this year but like a family where we look out for each other and are always there for one another.” 
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Ball says that as a team, they cooperate well. “We are always there to pick someone else up if we are having a bad day. We all know when to be serious or not.”

The Highlands girls are led by Ball with an average of 160, along with Katelyn Schneider (153), and junior Abbey Parrott (151). Parrott has a season-high 203 for the girls, who won 33 of their first 35 games.

For the boys, Campbell leads the Bluebirds with a 242 scoring average. If he maintains that average, he will beat the state record-which is currently 238 and if he keeps improving, he could beat the national record which is 250.

Senior James Killen is next at 229, followed by Jake Farley (224), Hunter Kolb (217), Jordan Cole (200), Trevor Mattingly (180), Tyler Spicer (190) and Andrew Allis (172).

The boys team. FTM file. 

As much fun as the season has been, the Bluebirds will have to say goodbye to four of their team mates who will graduate in the spring. Luckily they are stacking up talent from not just the upperclassmen but from the younger team members as well.

“The new bowlers this year aren't freshman, they are 7th graders. We picked up three seventh grade girls, two of whom have been bowling since they were young and the other girl we got is new to bowling. She works hard in practice to get better. She improves each practice," said Ball.

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  1. Also, these pictures are from the recent Queen City tournament, in which the boys won 1st place for the boys division. And the girls places well, I believe 7th or 8th.