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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lights, Camera, Video Games: NKU Alumna Hopes You'll Stay With Her "Until Dawn" Photo by Joanna Degeneres

By Ryan Clark, Marketing + Communications NKU 

Look familiar?

She probably does. After starring in more than 20 films and movies, as well as a few national commercials in her career, Galadriel Stineman has become quite the recognizable face.

But it makes sense - she's been honing her on-camera skills ever since she was a radio and television major at Northern Kentucky University. The 2011 NKU Alumni Award winner credits her broadcasting classes with preparing her for her acting career.

And with a starring turn in a popular new video game, as well a Hallmark movie on the way, Galadriel is busy - it's a good problem for an actress to have.
Lucky for Inside NKU, she isn't too busy to take a couple of minutes to chat about how her career and life are going.  

INSIDE: First off, you've got to tell us about this video game gig. What is it?

GS: I’m one of the main characters in a game for PlayStation4 called "Until Dawn." It came out in October and has been really successful - it was kind of a sleeper hit. It’s about a group of teenagers who return to a mountain resort a year after their two friends disappeared there - and it’s TERRIFYING. It uses revolutionary motion capture technology, so I’ve been recognized from my video game likeness!

INSIDE: And is this the way acting is going now? Meaning: So many stars are lending faces/voices/etc. to these games now - what are the challenges here that you don't experience when doing TV, for instance?

GS: It’s still unusual for non-stars (i.e. me) to get offered video games without a voiceover background. The nice thing is that all of us actors have wondered if technology would erase the need for us. Fortunately, it seems to be the opposite - the better this technology gets, the more they can use us. And no software can really duplicate a human reaction.

INSIDE: How big is this trend of acting in video games? Are there more in your future?

GS: I’d love to do more video games. It was so much fun and I learned so much. I actually enjoyed it so much that a couple months ago, I decided I wanted to do more voiceover. So, I got signed by CESD which has a prominent voiceover department. It’s been fun auditioning for everything from cartoons to audiobooks. I just booked my first radio commercial, so I’m starting out small, but I’m hoping to turn it into another career. It’s funny to be a rookie in this business after all these years, but I’m learning quickly and my team is great.

INSIDE: We saw you were leading some acting classes back here. Any more of that going on?

GS: I taught two awesome all-day acting workshops in Northern Kentucky last winter - one for kids and one for adults. They were AMAZING! Sold out and rockin’. I’ve continued working with some of the students as a coach and career counselor. In fact, a couple have made the leap to Los Angeles too and I’m so proud of them. I hope to come back to the Cincinnati area soon to teach more and have had lots of people asking. For the past three or so years, I’ve worked as a coach at the Michael Woolson Studio here in Los Angeles, so coaching has become a fun side job. I do offer coaching and career counseling by Skype to back home locals and referrals. Anyone interested can e-mail me at

INSIDE: So ... tell us about NCIS:LA! When are you going to be on and what can you say about it?

GS: The episode is called “Angels and Daemons” and it airs on Monday, Jan. 18 at 10/9c. It was a great role. I play the CEO of a tech startup company that is being investigated after - shocker - a murder! It marks my leap into grown-up roles, finally. It was fun to work with actors I’ve admired for a long time. LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell were awesome. And Chris’s people come from Kentucky!

INSIDE: So many folks loved your character on "The Middle." Are there any chances at all you will come back to find love with Axel? 

GS: It’s always possible! "The Middle’s" producers really listen to the fans, so if anyone would like to see Cassidy again, please write them on their Facebook page! I still keep in touch with some of the wonderful people I met in my time on that show and have nothing but wonderful memories.

INSIDE: What else can we see you in in the future?

GS: So, after NCIS:LA, folks can see me in a PixL/Hallmark Channel movie called "A Moving Romance." Other than those two, I don’t have anything I can talk about just yet! However, this great little comedy I shot in Hawaii called “Man Up” is streaming on Netflix right now! I’d love for people to check it out. To quote someone else, it’s “stupid funny in the best way."

INSIDE: Any plans to get back and lead a class or two at NKU?

GS: I can only dream! I’d love to come back and share what I’ve learned at NKU sometime. Hopefully, I’ll be back soon to teach a couple more classes in the community. For folks who are interested in the industry… it can be really tough to get current, useful information about what to do and where to go. I think I owe it to the amazing place I came from to come back and share when I can. The longer I’ve lived in L.A., the more I appreciate Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. I was so lucky to spend my first 22 years there!

2016: A Moving Romance (TV Movie); NCIS: Los Angeles (TV Series)
2105: Until Dawn (Video Game); Rizzoli & Isles (TV Series); Major Crimes (TV Series); The Party Is Over; Man Up
2014: Knock Knock (Short); TMI Hollywood (TV Series); Glee (TV Series)
2011-2014: The Middle (TV Series)
2013: Plan C (Short); Austin & Ally (TV Series); CollegeHumor Originals (TV Series); Shameless (TV Series); Bones (TV Series)
2012: Good Luck Charlie (TV Series); The 4 to 9ers (TV Movie); Operation Cupcake (TV Movie); Community (TV Series); Walking the Halls
2011: Betrayed at 17 (TV Movie); True Blood (TV Series)
2010: Junkyard Dog
2009: Ben 10: Alien Swarm (TV Movie); Fame

Republished with permission. Original article here.

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