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Friday, February 26, 2016

Colonel De To Hold Fundraiser for Rabbit Hash Bash in New Fort ThomasHeadquarters

Local Celebrity Chefs Will Join Spice Master, Colonel De 

Colonel De Gourmet Herbs & Spices is moving its headquarters to the historic Hiland Building in Fort Thomas. But while the history behind that building, located at 18 N. Fort Thomas Avenue, is storied, it doesn't compare to the Rabbit Hash General Store, which was burned to the ground on February 14 this year.

The fire that began inside the iconic general store was too much for the old, mostly-wooden structure. It burned throughout a nearly five-hour firefight in near-sub-zero temperatures and was destroyed. The store had been in continual operation since 1831, according to the Rabbit Hash Historical Society - a span in which 38 U.S. presidents took office.

It was on the National Register of Historic Places and few items were salvaged. Firefighters said it was a complete loss.

Local Spice Master, Colonel De Stewart announced a fundraiser that will help rebuild the store to it's original glory.

"Like most of you, I’ve been a fan of Rabbit Hash for many years. I have so many fond memories of picnics and music in this community," said Stewart. "We all share in the sorrow for the loss of the General Store. Like all of my many friends that live in Rabbit Hash, I believe that the General Store will rise again.  We are excited to be giving back to help rebuild a Kentucky Treasured Landmark."

Stewart and other local celebrity chefs, including Jimmy Gibson of Jimmy G’s and David Miller from Crave and Don Lambert from The Colonel's Creamery, have come together to throw the first Rabbit Hash Bash complete with music, food and a silent auction.

The event will be on Saturday, March 12 from noon to 6 p.m.

It will be the first chance to see the facility, which had formerly been Marshall Granger's Jewelers and Jewels on the Avenue. The grand opening is slated for Friday, April 22 and will be the fourth shop for Stewart.

Stewart, whose friend Don E. Clare is head of the Rabbit Hash Historical Society, has a natural affinity for small-town nostalgia, which is one of the reasons the Rabbit Hash Bash was hatched.

Colonel De Gourmet Spices and Herbs boasts over 500 herbs, spices and blends. Colonel De even provides consulting and produces custom blends for over 50 chefs and/or restaurants.

"We pride ourselves in having those hard to find spices," says Stewart in a previous FTM article. "With many of our more exotic products we are one of only a handful of vendors Nationwide that offer these products."

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The herbs, spices and blends are sold by the ounce so patrons can purchase only the amount they need. The sauces are sold by the jar or bottle.

Rabbit Hash Bash "patron" tickets are $50 in advance and $75 at the door. That ticket will include two drink tickets, music and food under a big, white tent located in parking lot behind the Colonel De Headquarters.

Rabbit Hash Bash "VIP" tickets are $125, in advance only, and will include a private welcoming reception with local celebrity chefs, an open bar, music, swag bag of goodies, a private tour of the new headquarters and tickets to the Colonel De grand opening.

All tickets to the Rabbit Hash Bash can be purchased on line by clicking here. 

All proceeds will benefit the rebuild of the Rabbit Hash General Store. A GoFundMe page that was set up is seeking $250,000 for the rebuild effort and has reached over $55,000.

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