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Monday, February 22, 2016

Fatality on Fort Thomas Roadways; Police Believe Heroin a Factor

Reader submitted. 

Lt. Rich Whitford said it was a horrific scene on eastbound 275 today, entering the Combs Hehl Bridge into Ohio.

At about 2:30 p.m. today, a car traveling onto 275 from 471 in Fort Thomas lost control and rolled numerous times. There were four people in the car and three were ejected onto the road way, including a seven-month old baby boy who was in their carseat.

The carseat was still in the car after the crash.

Whitford said a truck driver who witnessed the accident said that the driver was traveling at a high rate of speed and cutting through multiple lanes of traffic before losing control and flipping in the right emergency lane.

The alleged driver of the vehicle, a male, is dead. The woman and baby are in critical condition. Witnesses on the scene said that the baby was ejected 30-feet in the air.

The other male passenger who was not ejected was alert on scene. He was able to tell police how it unfolded from his prospective in the front seat of the car.

Police believe heroin may have been involved. 
The baby was taken to Cincinnati Children's Hospital and the other two passengers were taken to UC Hospital.

The Fort Thomas Police Accident Reconstruction team is on scene to determine exactly what happened. It is not yet known who was wearing a seatbelt.

Traffic on 275 heading into Ohio is down to one lane and other roadways, such as 471 are extremely slow as a result.

A week ago today, Fort Thomas Police employed a "heroin interdiction" strategy made up of a three-officer patrol team to combat impaired driving.

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  1. I need to know the of the women! Update soon as you can please!

  2. OK obviously from the lack of spelling in the comment you're probably high or worried she's not delivering your dope

  3. Mark, when referring to words that begin with an "h" it is grammatically correct to write "an horrific" or "an historical" not "A horiffic."


    Your grade school English teacher.

    1. Respectfully, Mrs. Anonymous, I disagree. It comes down to which syllable of the word is stressed. Try saying these words aloud.

      It all comes down to pronunciation. There are some h-words no one would ever dream of putting an before, like horrible, happy, hospital or home.

    2. Schooled the school teacher! I definitely don't remember being taught that way teach.

  4. Mark your getting your job done and for people looking for spelling mistakes or any other mistakes are missing the point of the article.

  5. Why is everyone worried about grammar when lives are at stake. I think for once it could be over looked.
    Everyone needs to be more concerned about the heroin epidemic that seems to have an impact on all of our lives.