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Thursday, February 11, 2016

February Fort Thomas School Board Round-up

Highlands Principal, Brian Robinson, with some of the We The People winners. FTM file. 
By Amanda Dibiaso

The Fort Thomas School Board held their monthly meeting Monday, February 8. Here’s your round-up:

Recognition of We the People team:

The board recognized the Highlands High School We the People team, who recently won the state championship and will be competing in the National competition in Maryland April 22-26.

This is the team’s 12th consecutive and 13th overall state championship title.

We the People teacher Megan Boimann-Hennies said this’s year team has 27 members, and that they all bring a lot of talent and knowledge to the team.

“I think they are going to give some other states a run for their money,” Boimann-Hennies said.

This year’s We the People team members are: Jacob An, Anna Carter, Michael Daly, Owen Downard, Benjamin Emery, Molly Fernandez, Etana Garfinkle-Plymesser, Malorie Hegge, Oscar Heithaus, Alexis Herman, Maria Hockney, Madeline Huber, John Jager, Kaiya Linkugel, Jeremy Marquardt, Brett Marzano, Geoffrey Mearns, Mary Mearns, Ryan Millard, Jasper Noble, Mariah Nurre, Kaitlyn Root, Nathan Schimpf, Samuel Steiden, Allie Stevens, Elizabeth Van Curen and Yovani Velasquez.

Student Showcase:

Students from Moyer Elementary School – along with Spanish teacher Silvia McClamrock – showcased how they are using technology to assess the what they’ve learned using the app Aurasma. The students created videos of themselves demonstrating their Spanish they’ve learned, then used the app to overlay the video on a scan-able image. Others students and McClamrock then used their tablets to scan the image and watch the video.

McClamrock said by using Aurasma, she is able to assess the students’ progress without having to spend valuable instruction time having each student present in class.

Sylvia McClamrock and students Kennedy Baioni, Peyton Helminiak and Renee Hyder presenting to the board.

Moral Instruction:

Woodfill Elementary School parent Matthew Albritton addressed the board in regards to the Moral Instruction Program, which is offered to 2nd and 3rd graders at all three elementary schools in the district.

The program, which has been provided by the Fort Thomas Ministerial Association for 40+ years, gives students the option to spend one hour per week during the school day receiving moral instruction.

Albritton, whose daughter does not participate in the program, presented concerns he and other parents have about the program’s inclusiveness, the instruction time that is lost because of the program being held during the school day and safety issues.

His goal, Albritton said, is to begin a conversation between parents, board members and the Ministerial Association and to begin a review and assessment of the program.

Check back to Fort Thomas Matters for a full story on this issue.

District Renovation updates: 

Director of Operations Jerry Wissman updated the board on the renovation projects at Highlands High School and Moyer Elementary School.

Wissman noted that the renovation of the high school’s plaza will begin next week, causing the closure of the drop-off loop.

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Superintendent Gene Kirchner said the loop closure will cause traffic problems at the school, but that it will only be a 6-week problem, and once the project is complete “we’ll have a beautiful plaza.”

At Moyer, Wissman said the renovation project is progressing and preparations are being made to move the 4th graders into mobile units this weekend, then move the 3rd grade into mobile units next weekend.

Kirchner noted that he appreciates the Moyer community’s cooperation and patience during this project.

District of Distinction Recognition:

Kirchner shared the he and Board Chair Karen Allen were recently presented the 2014-2015 District of Distinction banner from the Kentucky Department of Education. This is the third consecutive year that Fort Thomas has achieved this status and they were one of only 5 districts to receive the recognition this year throughout Kentucky.

Kirchner and Allen. FTM file. 

Board Committee Updates:

Allen announced that board committee updates will become a monthly agenda item at board meetings.

Each board member serves on various committees, and adding this item to the agenda will allow them to give updates to the rest of the board/community on their committees.

Board member John Weyer provided updates on the LPC and Title IX committees. LPC is in its final stages of producing the District Facility Plan. The Title IX committee is reviewing extra and co-curricular activities as well as the respective salary schedule for those positions.

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  1. For any one who was at the meeting could you please elaborate on the safety issues due of the moral instruction program? I'm also wondering what instruction time is lost by the students who don't participate? And inclusiveness? Please give me a break.