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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fort Thomas Farmers Market Will Move in 2016

FTM file. 

The Fort Thomas Farmers Market will move from the Midway District on River Road to Fort Thomas Plaza this year.

The move, which was attempted last year by the city, will be steered by a volunteer board in hopes of reviving the market to stay on par with other farmers markets. Live music, local vendor demonstrations and food trucks will be present. They believe focusing on one farmers market instead of two will help to create an event-type atmosphere.

The market will be each Wednesday from 3-7:00 p.m.

The Farmers Market had previously been located at DEP's Fine Wine (424 Alexandria Pike) and Warden and Associates at the corner of Highland and Fort Thomas Avenues.

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Last year, the vendors of the market were:

Camp Springs Winery
Breezy Acres
Our Mother's Garden
Neltner Farms
Lobenstein Farm
Sunflower Sundries
Inverness Honey
Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, Inc.
Greensleeves Farm
Stonebrook Winery
Butterfly Hill Farm
Sixteen Bricks
The Farm of Holiday Harbor
Bellos Bike Pops
Carabello Coffee Company

The Fort Thomas Plaza is located at 90 Alexandria Pike and is anchored by Fort Thomas Antique and Design Center.


  1. Isn't the point of a community farmers market to have it a part of the community, in a walkable part of town in a community like this? Not in the parking lot of a generic strip mall where every single person will need to drive there? And it won't even be visible to passers by? That's too bad.

  2. This is a really, really DUMB idea. The location is ugly, ugly, ugly!

    The market belongs in the center of town. It isn't that big of a farmer's market. Several locations are big enough. Frankly speaking, I won't be going to the new location. Too far away.
    Just WHO decided this, anyway? Let the people who attend the market decide. Do a survey.

  3. I agree! We love bringing the family up, taking a walk and have dinner at the park. The atmosphere was great, what a shame that it'll be moving.

  4. Hope those in charge will take note of the comments and realize that these comments represent a large percentage of how the community is feeling.