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Monday, February 8, 2016

Important Message Regarding Traffic Patterns at Highlands High School

If you have a child at Highlands High School, you'll want to listen up and share this message.  Traffic patterns and student drop off/pick up procedure changes beginning February 16th.

Highlands Principal, Brian Robinson, relayed the following message:

As a result of the great support and efforts of our Board of Education and Education Foundation, Highlands will begin the last phase of the Highlands Renovation the week of February 15th.  This phase will revise the circle drive in front of the South Academic Building and Gymnasium.  The ultimate result will be to improve student gathering space, beautify our campus, and make pedestrian access more safe.

It will however have an impact on traffic patterns and student pickup/drop-off for the next few months.  Beginning February 16th, access to the circle driveway will be completely shut down .  As a result, there will be no means by which vehicles traveling North on Memorial parkway will be able to turn around after dropping off or picking up students.  ALL vehicles will have to continue past the Middle School and use the intersection of North Ft. Thomas and Memorial (Inverness) to return southbound toward town.

To facilitate drop-off and pickup of students before and after school, the parking located on the street in front of the circle will become pick-up and drop-off only during the hours of 7:30-9:00 a.m. and 2:00-3:30 p.m. There will be no parking during these hours.  Public entry during school hours will continue through the south entrance however the sidewalk in front of the North Building will need to be used to access the doors by the Assistant Principal's office.
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This temporary project will cause a significant change in traffic patterns given the number of students arriving from the High School and Middle School at similar times.  Northbound traffic may become significantly slower.

Please consider:

- leaving for school earlier than usual if traveling North toward HHS
- having students walk to school if possible
- dropping off students close to Town Center to walk to school
- combining trips to reduce traffic

We are so incredibly fortunate to have had such an incredible revitalization of the HHS campus.  We greatly appreciate your patience in this process.  I continue to welcome your questions and feedback.  The circle will be opened as soon as possible once the work is completed but is expected to take place for a large portion of the remainder of the spring.


  1. I hope ALL the traffic/crossing guards will be available.

  2. Because it doesn't make sense to do it during the summer when school is out???