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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Local Bars to Host 'Pint-Sized Plays'

Have you ever been out to a bar and wished there was some form of entertainment besides just the bartender's favorite music selections? A person can only hear "Wagon Wheel" so many times a night before abandoning all hope, right? Well, thanks to the Pint-Sized Plays, you don't have to leave your favorite drinking establishment to enjoy the some local talent. 

Fort Thomas playwright Teri Foltz has cleverly created the perfect night of entertainment with Pint-Sized Plays. Right now you're likely asking yourself, what is a pint-sized play? According to Foltz, a pint-sized play is “a short (10 minute) play written as bar entertainment. They are comedies but also give you something to think about.” 

The idea of mixing theater with the local bar scene first came Foltz after she submitted her play, The Off-Chance, to an online contest in Wales. “When I did research on this contest, I was surprised to see that they have done this for years and performed them in bars all around town,” said Foltz. 

Foltz then pitched the idea to fellow local playwright Angela Klocke Forbes, and the two began working together on the pint-sized play concept. According to Foltz, their goal was to bring theater “off the pedestal and onto the bar stool. These little plays are designed for the modern attention span.”

When you attend one of the pint-sized play events, don't expect it to be like your typical theater experience. “The audience is as much a part as the actors and playwrights,” said Foltz. “They can expect a raucous and energetic show and some good theater! The plays will not be fully produced; they will be readings done very well. Our actors are top notch. The whole evening lasts about 1 1/2 hours...We are adapting to the bar scene, not expecting them to adapt to theater behavior. That's the most fun of all,” said Foltz. 

Each event will be a unique experience for attendees, and no two events will be exactly the same. During each event, four plays will be performed each time. The four plays will be selected from a repertoire of 16 plays prepared for the Pint-Sized Plays' performances. There are 16-28 actors from throughout the area, who will be playing various roles in the short plays. 

Foltz and company have worked to create a fun and free night for all attendees. The evening's entertainment goes beyond just the play performances. "Partner playwright Angela Klocke Forbes and I have created drinking games with silly prizes to go with each play. In our preview in December, everyone had a great time taking a drink every time they heard a particular word, etc. In the future, we will have Singles Night and Pride Night," said Foltz. 

The Pint-Sized Plays aren't Foltz's first foray into local theater. She also penned last year's The Faculty Lounge, which had a successful run at The Carnegie. "I gained quite a bit of confidence in my playwriting with The Faculty Lounge," said Foltz. "Of course, writing a ten minute play is a different challenge - not easy to get a full story and characterization accomplished in 8-10 pages of script."

Foltz has found that one of her favorite aspects of the Pint-Sized Plays has been working with Forbes on the project. “She is incredible and I feel fortunate to be on the same bill. I love watching the actors interact with the audience as well,” said Foltz. These events are another example of the supportive nature of the area's creative community. 

The Pint-Sized Plays certainly give locals a reason to go out on those cold winter nights. But don't just take my word for it. Check out Pint-Sized Plays for yourself on the following days:

February 19: Below Zero Lounge's 2nd Floor Cabaret Room - 7:30pm
February 26: Below Zero Lounge's 2nd Floor Cabaret Room - 7:30pm
March 4: Below Zero Lounge's 2nd Floor Cabaret Room - 7:30pm
March 17: Midway Cafe - 8:00pm
April 15: Midway Cafe - 8:00pm
April 26: The Old Fort Pub
May 31: The Old Fort Pub
June 28: The Old Fort Pub

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