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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Meet Ken Bowman: Candidate for Fort Thomas City Council

Ken Bowman. FTM file. 
It has been an honor to serve for the three years that I already have, and I hope to continue doing what I can to maintain and improve on what makes this such a great place to be. I'm a lifelong resident and have owned and operated Bowman's Framing in town for 26 years. Prior to serving on city council I served on Fort Thomas Renaissance board for it's first 9 years of existence. I also have been a local realtor at Huff Realty for the past 11 years.

As council members we have a important responsibility to act in the best interest of those who elected us. We obviously have a high opinion about our own opinions, or we wouldn't bother to "impart our wisdom" to the decision making process. We however are but 1 of 6 votes, and are often acting on issues vetted by city staff with limited information prior to roll call. These come with "staff recommendations" for approval. We are lucky to now have in place such a good administration and department heads. It is still our responsibility to "get up to speed" and that is what I like to do exploring all sides of a given issue gathering facts and imagining the future benefits or down sides before casting a vote.

We all have some projects, causes or issues that are important to us and will do what we can to move them along. Lately, mine have been public safety related, such as reducing speed limits on some of our side streets. I have not given up on this yet in spite of some detractors in the prior administration. I am thrilled that the recent talks about cross walk safety improvements will now become a reality in the near future with lighted indicators activated as needed to make the more obscure crosswalks safe to use.

I am probably the most accessible member of council due to my being in my business 6 days a week right in the middle of town. Many citizens know and take advantage of this. I completely welcome and encourage spontaneous visits to talk about whatever city related issue is on your mind. It is always good to hear from people and be able to help where I can.

In closing, I don't plan on a hard fought campaign to win the trust or to place even one yard sign. (visual blight is another issue I care about). I do however hope that I am given the chance to serve a third term as there is still much to do.

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