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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Meet Sam Shelton: Candidate For Fort Thomas City Council

Sam Shelton. 

By Sam Shelton 

I’m running for Fort Thomas City Council because I believe the younger generation needs a voice in city matters.

I have always loved history. My fascination of local history really began to grow when I attended the Junior Renaissance Camp started by Debbie Buckley, Fort Thomas Renaissance Manager and Economic Development Director. Since then I have continued to learn the history and culture of our great city. I have worked in the cities parks helping to improve their appeal and access for the community.  I have grown up here, go to school here and have participated in so much that the city has to offer. The key piece of information that puts me in a different class than the other candidates- I’m an 18-year-old Highlands High School student. I believe that the younger generation should take an active part in the community we live in.

As a City Council member, I hope to achieve a younger citizen’s perspective that seems to be missing not just from City Council but local government right now. There is so much for little kids to do in the city—Teeter Tots at the Fort and the Easter Egg Hunt for example. And the Friday walks in the center of town visiting local businesses are a great attraction for the adults of the city. However, there aren't too many things that you can do if you fall between the two age groups. I think one area that the City needs to look at is something that would engage “older kids”. Something that would keep the middle school, high school, and early twenty-somethings feel connected to the City. And for that to be truly successful they need input from the target group—my generation.

I support the public school system of Fort Thomas and will work to help maintain the high standard of excellence they provide to the community. I also support the Fort Thomas Renaissance and the Fort Thomas Business Association. I believe that small businesses are an asset to our community providing income, growth and small town charm that fits with our community.

I love the history of Fort Thomas and want to see it continue to grow and strengthen but still keep that small town feel that we all know and love. As an Eagle Scout I believe I have the values necessary to serve as your City Councilman. I appreciate your vote.

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