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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The 40 Best SNL Characters of All Time - Fort Thomas Education Foundation Dance

The Fort Thomas Education Foundation raises money for the ongoing educational needs of Fort Thomas Schools to create a private school experience for all students K-12.

Each spring the Fort Thomas Education Foundation hosts a dance that helps that mission for the community. This year, guests will dress up in accordance with the theme of the party: Live from Fort Thomas, it's Saturday Night.

For tickets or information visit or call 859- 815-2004.  Tickets may also be purchased at Fort Thomas Central located at 3 N Fort Thomas Avenue, Fort Thomas, KY.  The ticket price is $45.  All proceeds go toward the Fort Thomas Education Foundation.

See the live auction here. 

Here are the top 40 SNL Characters of all time, via

40- The Spartan Cheerleaders

39- Church Lady
38- Mary Katherine Gallagher
37- The Ladies Man
36- Mango
35- Stefon

34- The Blues Brothers
33- The Roxbury Guys
32- Wayne and Garth
31- Babette
30- Unfrozen Cave Man Lawyer
29- Buckwheat
28- Linda Richman (Coffee Talk)
27- Coneheads
26- Wild and Crazy Guys
25- Nat X
24- Debbie Downer

23- The "Delicious Dish" Ladies
22- Goat Boy
21- Hanz and Franz
20- Doonese
19- The Lovahs
18- Matt Foley

17- Pat
16- Nick the Lounge Singer
15- Roseanne Roseannadanna
14- Dieter
13- Stuart Smalley
12- Kaitlin
11- Sully and Zazu

10- Ambiguously Gay Duo
9- Tones the Driving Cat
8- Samurai
7- Gumby
6- Land Shark
5- Canteen Boy
4- Ed Grimley 

3- Mr. Bill
2- Tommy Flanagan
1- Sweeney Sisters 

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