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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Anointed Touch Becomes Massage Therapist for FC Cincinnati

By Colin Moore

Tiffany Maple, local resident and the owner of Anointed Touch Massage in Fort Thomas, is the new massage therapist for FC Cincinnati and she’ll be offering regular and new clients the chance to win great seats to an upcoming home game.

FC Cincinnati is the newest professional sports team in the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area. 2016 is to be the soccer club’s inaugural season, playing in the USL out of Nippert Stadium at the University of Cincinnati. Tiffany believes they bring something new to the Greater Cincinnati sports scene, “It’s a nice addition as an alternative to other Spring sports.” Tiffany points out that compared to more established teams, a day out for an FC Cincinnati game is much more affordable for an average family. They are also trying innovative new ways to reach fans, such as live streaming games on YouTube and making agreements with local bars to screen all games as well as using more traditional media with all home games being available on local TV channels.

Stay tuned for more on that in Fort Thomas.

Tiffany is acting as the massage therapist to the team and is excited to add massage as an addition to the already stellar healthcare provided by FC Cincinnati’s sports medicine staff. Having previously served as an athletic trainer at both high school and college level for ten years, her education and experience as a massage therapist means she is uniquely qualified to help the team. Acting as an extension of the sports medicine team, she’ll be available after practices to work with players and is really excited to add massage as an addition to the already stellar healthcare provided by FC Cincinnati’s sports medicine staff  Despite loving running Anointed Touch in Fort Thomas, she’s missed being around athletics.

“I’ve always been a huge sports fan and there’s no feeling like being on the sideline. It’s something special to see them play and score a goal or make a save, having a small part in keeping them healthy, it’s a really special feeling.” Having studied for her undergraduate degree at the University of Cincinnati she says returning to Nippert Stadium is a little like a homecoming. “Coming back to the stadium I felt a great sense of nostalgia, although with the improvements to the stadium recently in some ways it’s hardly recognizable.”

Tiffany believes that working with professional athletes helps her in her day to day life as a massage therapist in downtown Fort Thomas. “Working with professional athletes and the general public is actually pretty similar. Working with people in top physical form helps me to understand how the body should be performing and how to understand when there is dysfunction, whether that’s in a top athlete or a ninety year old man.”

Just as each individual is unique so are Tiffany’s therapies for them, tailored to their needs rather than a cookie cutter approach. Her background as a massage therapist is also unique, with a bachelor’s degree in athletic training from UC and a masters in public health from Wright State along with her massage therapy course, she has qualifications which stand out among most massage therapists. Her belief is that far from being a treat or a luxury a couple of times a year, massage is an essential part of healthy every day life. “You eat well, you exercise and you look after your body, massage is part of that.”

Even with her new role Tiffany’s commitment to her studio in Fort Thomas, where she also lives, is still unquestionable. As part of her agreement with the team she passed up the opportunity of free advertising for Anointed Touch. As a one person operation she was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to cope with a huge influx of new clients. “The team will reach thousands of people, I’m just one girl. My plan has never been to a multi-national chain. I’d love to help those people but it’s more important that my career revolves around my life rather than my life around my career. I’ve loved the last three years at Anointed Touch and I really feel like I’ve got that balance.” 

Tiffany feels that she was called to the healing profession and that even if she wasn’t in her current role she’d be doing something else to help people. Although she loves Anointed Touch she’s excited to also be working in athletics again. “This is the missing piece of my heart, I’ve missed working with athletes. It’s a labor of love rather than a career choice.”

The way she came to her new role certainly seems like it was fated to happen. As a member of BNI, a referral based business network, she agreed to sub for a fellow member at a meeting they couldn’t attend. Tiffany’s philosophy is to help as many people with their business as she can, knowing that at some point people will help her in return. The person she helped was able to put her in touch with the athletic trainer for FC Cincinnati and because of her background as an athletic trainer he offered her the role as massage therapist immediately. “It came around because I helped someone out, not thinking that they would be able to help me back.”

As part of her new role Tiffany has outstanding seats at Nippert for FC Cincinnati games, on patio level with access to the club lounge. She’s running a competition throughout May where anyone that books a massage at Anointed Touch will be entered into a draw to win her seats for a home game in June.


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