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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dance Studio Hiland Building's Newest Tenant

Julie Keller and Bella Keller are opening a dance studio in the Hiland Building. 

Mother-daughter duo Julie Keller and Bella Keller (of gingerbread Christmas display fame) are opening a new dance studio at the Hiland Building in Fort Thomas's central business district. For Julie Keller, the move is a return to her roots: Her first teaching experience was at the Hiland Building, under director Mary Anne Pearman, from 1980 to 1987.

An instructor and studio owner for 29 years, Julie Keller has spent the past 11 years teaching in Fort Thomas at 8 Highland Ave. That partnership and studio will soon be dissolved.

"Since I've been instructing for the past 11 years as a studio owner and instructor, it would just be so incredibly tough to not be a part of these children's lives in the future," Julie Keller says. "So it was just really, really important for both my daughter and myself to locate an ideal studio and literally, it is more than we could have imagined. It really, truly is." 

Dan Gorman, co-owner of the Hiland Building, says a dance studio is a perfect fit. "The architecture that was hidden for almost 50 years—high ceilings with impressive plaster features and exposed brick—make a gorgeous backdrop for a dance studio," he says. "In addition, the access to the large parking lot in the back that can hold 75 cars has been very important to everyone that has looked at the building." 

When Julie Keller and her family looked at the space, Julie Keller says it was love at first sight. "The architecture is incredible," she says.

Maggie Mason Mueller's daughter, Meredith, who is 5, has been taking dance classes with Julie Keller and Bella Keller since she was 2. "I am so excited Meredith has the opportunity to have Bella and Julie as her teachers," Mason says. "Bella is truly a wonderful role model; a very mature, thoughtful and humble teenage girl. Plus, an incredible dancer. Our community is so lucky to have Bella as a role model for our young girls for years to come." 

With Mint Yoga and now the dance studio occupying space in Hiland, full occupancy has almost been reached. "We are negotiating with a tenant that would like to locate across the hall from Mint Yoga, and if they take that space, the main floors of the building will be 100 percent occupied," Gorman says. "We are keeping the entire lower level off of the market for now, in hopes of being able to rent it to a single user." 

For more information on the dance studio, including future details on class offerings and times, go here. You may also contact Julie Keller directly at 859-866-1666.

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