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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dart Wars Makes Fort Thomas a Playground

By David Ketcham 

Nerf Wars is back for another year of mayhem at Highlands High School.

The second year of dart wars has arrived. Dart Wars is relatively new to the students as it made its appearance last year being organized by the junior class. This year, the torch was passed down to this junior class who organized it once again. For 5 dollars and parent permission, students sign up to be involved in late night plots, endless amounts of life stalking, and on a desperate note, stone cold cheap shots, which is all apart of the awesome experience that is the Highlands High School student body.

RULES INCLUDE: School grounds are off limit. You cannot have a small war with a fellow classmate during a lecture over Beethoven, English teachers would not approve! Nerf products being at school will result in disqualification and students carrying them will have to face consequences.

“The darts should not be shot from vehicles or in the streets. Obviously they should not be on school property. But if it is harmless fun, I don’t see a problem with it in the parks or obviously on private property,” says Fort Thomas Police offer, Sgt. Chris Goshorn.

For more information check out @CakeDarts on Twitter!
CakeDarts, via Twitter. 

Last year’s teams had very successful rounds. Each team was paired with another team, and whichever team advanced was placed with a fellow advanced team. This process went on following a bracket, because it’s just that official.

Senior Shelby Graybill shares her excitement for her first year of Dart Wars, considering she didn’t partake in it last year. “I’m super excited for dart wars and to have such a fun experience with my best friends my senior year. And when we win, we will leave Highlands feeling accomplished,” she says.

Senior, Mikaela Coop who did Dart Wars last year explains her encounter with the game.

“It was insane. We had a good chance of winning, but it all ended when my car battery died and the other team used that as an advantage. We were shooting from the windows, so we were out of darts, and battery charge apparently. Ending up with no more players and no chance of winning. It was a cool experience and I’m excited for this year!” she says.

Teams are organized at free will, but not all people get the luxury of being able to get on a team. Because of the limits, it makes it very hard to always get the team you want. “I’m not doing dart wars this year because my friends created a team before I was able to organize one with them” said Lydia Albice, a junior at Highlands. “I hope that next year I’m able to do it, because according to everyone else it’s a very fun time.” 

Dart wars is about interacting with new people. So, people without a team, assert yourselves to others with your problem and make one heck of a team! It’s all a part of the high school experience.

Obviously, the school is ‘pumped’ up about what’s to come within the next few weeks.

Students, purchase all things Nerf, your safety color attire, charge your car batteries and your communication devices, because Dart Wars is knocking on your front door and it’s ready for elimination. As for the community, be mindful of the students and their attempt to have fun and watch as miniature world wars unfold in your front yard, literally.

Dart on.

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