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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Facebook Sale Turned Robbery and Shooting at Newport McDonald's

Via FTM media partner, WCPO

NEWPORT, Ky. -- Police are investigating what they called a "laptop sale gone bad" that resulted in robbery and shots fired in Newport on Friday.

According to investigators, a man was selling a laptop to another man and agreed to meet in the parking lot of the McDonald's on Monmouth Street.

The sale didn't go as planned -- the buyer took the laptop and ran, police said. The seller told officers he fired a "warning shot" and chased the man. He then fired four more shots that hit no one.

A witness said he's never seen anything like it.


"Generally, South Newport over here is really quiet so I didn't know what to think," said Jeff Jarboe, a witness to the incident. "I just knew I wasn't going to step out that door."

Police are unsure if the man who fired shots will be charged. Newport police are still investigating and ask anyone with information to call 859-292-3622.

You can see the original story and video here. 

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