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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fort Thomas Central Plans for Charming Expansion

Fort Thomas Central is part of the FTM Family. 

This June will mark Fort Thomas Central's third birthday, and in that period of time, the shop has solidified itself as a staple in the Fort Thomas community. When owner Barb Thomas opened Fort Thomas Central, she had a distinct vision for the shop: “We opened setting out to be a one-stop gift connection for Fort Thomas and the surrounding areas. Gifts for all occasions, all ages and all budgets," said Thomas.  

When talking to Thomas, it's clear that she is committed to being a positive asset to the community. The Fort Thomas Central team creates lasting relationships with their customers that keep them coming back again and again. 

“Really, Fort Thomas Central has evolved into part gift shop, part ladies apparel/fashion accessories, and part local art gallery," said Thomas. "We really feel like we've captured the support of the local community, and we continuously build our relationships with our customers, who ultimately become our friends.” 

For Fort Thomas Central, it's important that when customers walk through the front door that they feel right at home versus just being in another shop. 

Cultivating these relationships with the community has allowed Fort Thomas Central to gain an insight into what customers really want out of a great shopping experience. “It's really changed since our humble beginnings. When you open up a shop, it's sort of like a guessing game until you get to know your customer base. Karen Beymer and I build a relationship with every customer, and by that point, Fort Thomas Central becomes a destination for everyone to visit and shop,” said Thomas. 

Fort Thomas Central has grown to the point that Thomas began asking herself how to take the shop to the next level. Thanks to the local support, the solid relationships formed between Fort Thomas Central and their customers, Thomas knew exactly what the store needed: a boutique designed exclusively for female teens and young adults. 

Fort Thomas Central has carried a small selection of items for this demographic, and customers were often coming into the shop inquiring about more items for teens and young adults. Charm by Fort Thomas Central was created to fill a void in the local shopping scene, and create a go-to shop for that demographic. 

Charm by Fort Thomas Central is essentially a shop within a shop.

“We really want to capture the 16 to 25 year olds, and offer clothing lines, gift items, and fashion accessories that would be fun and carefree for that target market,” said Thomas. Charm will be filled with boho and vintage inspired items that can't be found at the mall or other chain stores. Whether you're a teenage girl looking for a gift for your BFF, or you're looking to update your wardrobe before heading back to school, Charm is where you can find your new favorite items. 

When creating Charm, Thomas didn't have to look far for additional insight into which product lines to feature in the shop. She has two teenage daughters at home, and they have been helpful in developing the Charm aesthetic. 

They are a big influence. They've really helped through this whole process of researching the product lines that we are adding, the clothing lines we're bringing in, and even down to coming up with the name, Charm," said Thomas. 

The grand opening of Charm by Fort Thomas Central will take place on April 28, 2016. More details about the grand opening bash will be released as the event approaches, but if it's anything like Fort Thomas Central's past events, local teens and young adults definitely won't want to miss it. 

Here's a sneak peek at the types of items you'll be able to find at Charm by Fort Thomas Central:

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  1. I really like the idea of catering to the 16-25 year old young ladies in our town with this new concept! I'll definitely be sending my daughters in to check it out. Thanks for your commitment to Ft Thomas and good luck with your continued success.