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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fort Thomas Looking Into Creating New Comprehensive Plan

L to R: Lisa Kelly, Ron Dill, Eric Haas, Roger Peterman, Melissa Kelly, Ken Bowman, John Muller. FTM file. 

By Clayton Castle 

In a follow-up meeting to a brainstorming session held back in a December, Mayor Eric Haas once again met with City Administrator Ron Dill and members of city council on Monday night to discuss the next step in the process for the things that were brainstormed in December. Councilman, Chuck Thompson, was not in attendance.

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To begin the meeting, more items were added to the list of items that was created in December. Some items added on Monday nights included: public Wi-Fi, more bike racks (perhaps with an art component), more city garbage cans, additional animal waste stations (possibly paid for by sponsors), marquee in front of the city building, making the lobby of the city building more of a public area, and aesthetic landscaping in front of the city building.

Dill then explained that the items that were brainstormed in the December were categorized into three sections, based on timeliness of completion and funding for the projects. One section was for items that could potentially be easy to get done soon, a second section was for medium-term items, and a third section was for long-term planning items.

Discussion at the meeting then turned into the possibility of creating a comprehensive plan.

The KRS statute requires that cities in Kentucky explore and create a comprehensive plan every five years. In years past, Fort Thomas has re-adopted a comprehensive plan that was created in 2001.

However, city leaders believe it may be time for a new comprehensive plan.

After the committee meeting, members discussed ways to gather community input on the items and the possibility of a comprehensive plan, the discussion turned to whether or not the city should hire outside consultants to facilitate the comprehensive plan process.

Dill suggested that instead of an outside consultant, the city should use a “facilitator” instead, which would allow the city to have more power over the plan, while receiving advice and guidance from the facilitator.

Despite the discussion on Monday night, Haas said he will meet with Dill privately to discuss the next step in the process.

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