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Monday, March 14, 2016

How To Get Your Lawn Off To A Good Start

Rafe Fowee. Provided. Call him today at 859-640-9308. 
By Rafe Fowee
Owner, Yard Sharks LLC, a Fort Thomas-based landscaping company. 

There are many things that go into making and keeping a lawn beautiful.

Following these additional tips can supplement the work done by Yard Sharks to help maintain a beautiful lawn. Here's five tips:

Timing of watering – Improper timing of watering can do more harm than good. Watering too late in the afternoon results in much of the water being evaporated back into the atmosphere before the lawn has a chance to soak it in. Watering too late in the evening results in the grass not having a chance to dry out before the evening hours and leaves your lawn more susceptible to disease and fungus. Watering your lawn should be done between the hours of 4 a.m. -8 a.m.

Amount of watering – Deep watering promotes healthy grass by allowing the grass to root more deeply and become more sustainable than with light watering. In general, healthy lawns need 1-2” of water a week (divided between three or four waterings). This amount includes rainfall that may occur throughout the week. If you’re not sure how much water your sprinklers apply, you can put a cake pan in your yard and time how long it takes for it to fill to a depth of one inch.

Seeding – If there are areas of your yard that are sparse, over-seeding can help fill in the gaps. There are many types of grass seeds that can grow in different environments, such as in areas that are shady or exposed to a lot of sunlight. Different grass seeds can grow in at slightly different color variations and some grass may have wider blade lengths than others.

Mowing – Mowing your lawn too short can cause the root system to weaken. For most grasses, 3” is a good height. Grass cut to this height better chokes out weeds in your lawn and helps the grass to flourish. It also keeps the soil cooler so that your early morning watering doesn’t evaporate before your lawn can soak it up. Keeping mower blades sharp is also a necessity for a healthy lawn. Dull blades fray the grass and leave it susceptible to disease.

Grass Clippings – Leaving the grass clippings mulched over the yard after mowing is great for the lawn, contrary to popular belief. If the grass is cut properly and only a third of the grass blade is removed during each cut, the mulched clippings should not be visible in the yard. If left over the yard, the grass clippings are reintroduced to the ground where natural processes will occur – the grass will return to soil thus providing better drainage during heavy rains and better water retention during drought.

Yard Sharks is a locally owned and operated company whose main goal is to help residents with routine and episodic lawn care needs. Based out of Fort Thomas, Yard Sharks is fully insured and our services include mowing, trimming, tree care and removal, shrub pruning, mulching, basic landscaping, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, and spring/fall cleanup.

Let Yard Sharks help you “Take a BITE out of your yard work!” 
Yard Sharks is part of the FTM Family. 

Rafe Fowee was raised in Fort Thomas since the age of five. He attended Johnson Elementary School and Highlands Middle and High School and began working in the tree care and removal industry shortly after high school. 

He graduated from Northern Kentucky University with Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, but his true passion is working in the outdoors, and he started Yard Sharks, LLC, out of Fort Thomas.  

Says Fowee, "I am excited about the opportunity to provide lawn care and tree service to fellow residents of this historically beautiful town."

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