Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Local Woman Working in Southeast Asia Needs Our Help: Sports For a Change

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By Chuck Keller 

Abby Hills has been working in Vietnam for the last year and she could use some help from her Fort Thomas friends.  She could really use some help in this fundraising effort for Sports For Social Change.  Here is Abby’s request. Please consider helping her make a difference in the world.

Friends and Family:

Some of you know this but some of you don't: Over the past few months, I have been hard at work looking for support for the Sports For Social Change Project that I will be helping to manage in the summer here in Tra Vinh.

This is a truly incredible project. For three weeks, American, Vietnamese and Cambodian university students come together to learn about non-violent problem solving skills, cross-cultural communication, and women's empowerment through sport. These coaches then host soccer camps in their communities to teach the younger generations about sports, health and wellness, and team building skills.

I have searched low and high for funding and unfortunately have had few successes. This is where I need your help. I know that you often get bogged down with requests for funding different incredible organizations with very worthy causes, but I am requesting that you take a moment to check out the funding page for SFSC and consider making a donation (no matter how large or small, anything is beyond helpful!)

Sports, especially soccer in my opinion, have the power to connect us like few other things can. Soccer has the ability to reach through language barriers, cultural differences, and awkward moments and give its players a platform to not only be healthy, but also to learn and grow in areas off the pitch. It brings people together through a common interest and sees what they are capable of when the discussion reaches past that common interest.

These biweekly, all girls soccer matches are lighting up my life right now.

Watching these women grow stronger and more confident in their game each week puts a fat smile on my face and lots o' feels in my heart. So few of us in the states realize how lucky we are to have communities that support women in sports from such an early age. These girls are just getting into the game, and if they want to play they have to take the initiative each week to do it. No parent or coach is going to drive them to practice or cheer them on from the sidelines or spend hours practicing and playing with them. Yet their eagerness and joy for the game are unfazed.

How awesome these girls are! This is what I want the core of the Sports For Social Change program to be about - women here showing that they can play sports and be just as tough and badass as the boys. I'm so excited to keep watching these girls grow over the next 10 months.

Please check out the page, consider making a donation, and share if you want to bring the experiences you have had with this beautiful game to others. All the love my friends!

- Abby
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