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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New Local 1928 Logo Created by Highlands Middle School Student

L to R: Chris Rust, Linnea, Ken and Laura Fecher, Tammy Webster and Collin Shadwell. 
By Jennifer Fields-Summer

Highlands Middle School students recently had the opportunity to design a new logo for fire fighter’s union Local 1928.  Mr. Collin Shadwell’s eighth grade class worked for several weeks to create something that perfectly represented Fort Thomas and Kentucky.  After much deliberation, it was narrowed down to three logos.  The class met Monday afternoon for a pizza party during which the winning logo would be revealed.  In attendance were union president Tammy Webster and Fire Department representative Chris Rust.

Winner Laura Fecher stated, “I really wanted something that would focus on where we’re located while also representing the fire department.  I made sure it had the tower because that’s one of the main pieces from Fort Thomas.”

Laura’s winning logo is a beautiful combination of red, white, and blue, with our tower in the background behind a ‘Highlands blue’ outline of Kentucky.

“Chris had some contacts here at the school and we had talked about this idea for a long time,” Ms. Webster stated.  “Why not ask kids?

Most unions do not have their own specially designed logos, so this is a unique way to set Fort Thomas apart. The logo will be featured on t-shirts, the website, and will be seen all over the country.  Laura additionally won an AMC gift card.

Congratulations to Laura and to Local 1928 for their new, one of a kind logo.

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