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Friday, March 25, 2016

Olde Fort Pub To Go Smoke Free - Fort Thomas, Kentucky

This is not an April Fools joke. On April 1 this year, the Olde Fort Pub will be going non-smoking.

In 2009, I wrote about the characteristics that made the Olde Fort Pub in Fort Thomas such a successful, long-thriving business.

Owner, Bob Arnzen, listed four for me.

1 - Consistency
2 - Attention to detail
3 - A friendly and safe atmosphere
4 - Close to home for Fort Thomas residents

While the formatting, publishing schedule or sources on Fort Thomas Matters weren't consistent back then, I hit on a key point that I believe is still true today:

Our community is very close knit. Generations grow up here. Kids come back here to start families. Traditions thrive. Residents are generally excited about new businesses that start here and are very willing to give them every opportunity to win them over. Without the family atmosphere, they just seem to fade.
(Side note, I've been writing for Fort Thomas Matters for seven years?! WHAT?!)

In that 2009 article, Arnzen also said that, "We try to treat all of our customers with appreciation and respect and listen to what they say." 

That is clearly the case here, according to Mike Arnzen.

“Mainly I think everyone recognizes, more than ever, that it's best not to be around too much smoke," he said. "People have asked over the years when we might go smoke free but after talking to our customers and friends and family it really just felt like the right time.”

The Olde Fort Pub features Southern Smoke BBQ, but after April 1, that will be the only smoke at 1041 S. Fort Thomas Avenue.


  1. Looks like the Midway started a trend in Fort Thomas.

  2. Now maybe I'll stop in for a visit! Thank you, Bob!