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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Colonel's Creamery Asks For, Granted Building Alterations in Fort Thomas

A proposed walk up window could be installed where the middle window is at 42 N. Fort Thomas Avenue. FTM file. 
In August of 2015, Amy Lloyd bought the business at 42 N. Fort Thomas Avenue, then known as Convenient Deli Mart. Later that fall, she rebranded the business as Amy's Market.

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If you've been into the business since she's bought it, there have been some obvious changes. Even more recently, you'll notice something even more apparent: half of the store has been cleared out, including emptying the entire back wall of refrigerated units and moving the rest of the stock to the front end of the store, closest to the registers.

Half of Amy's Market has been cleared out to make room for another potential business coming in. FTM file. 

But why?

The answer lies within a proposal to the city by a new business that could be coming to Fort Thomas.

The windows on the right could be the access point to a new business. FTM file. 

A request was made by Don Lambert of The Colonel's Creamery for building alterations and signage to split space with Amy's Market.  There would be two entry points and the spaces would be separated by drywall.

"The property is located within the Central Business District zone and an ice cream store is a listed permitted use. As a permitted use, located within an existing building, there are no review requirements other than those administrative in nature," said City Administrative Officer, Ron Dill.

Lambert, who has one store located at Friendly Market in Florence, asked Fort Thomas to consider a new primary entrance adjacent to the Amy's Market on the Miller Ln. side of the building, signage for the face of the building, window signage and a walk-up window on the side of the building facing N. Ft. Thomas Avenue.

That area is currently occupied by a city-leased and maintained park, but ownership of the area is with the owner of the building, Fort Thomas Enterprises.

"We are exploring the possibility of moving to Fort Thomas right now," Lambert told FTM earlier this month. "We are working with the landlord to determine the accessibility and suitability for what the business and location need. We still need to draft plans and negotiate terms, so it's a little premature for anything to be set in stone, but we do have plans."

Steve Casper of Cutler Real Estate represented Lambert during the application process. He said that the key to Mr. Lambert opening his business at this location is the approval of a walkup window on the site.  He is seeking to replace the middle window on the plaza end of the building (picture at the beginning of this article) with a walk-up window and to replace the landscaping under the window with a concrete pad placed between the building and the existing park pavers.  The request also includes an internally lit, 10’x5’ sign to be mounted on the park side of the building.

The city leased and maintained park adjacent to the proposed walk-up window. FTM file. 
"Fort Thomas is a viable community that has a lot of tradition. When looking around at different locations, I think the name Colonel's Creamery would fit well in Fort Thomas because of the military heritage. Fort Thomas actually having an active base, with well-known design features that you won't find in other Northern Kentucky cities is a natural attraction," said Lambert.
This is an advertisement. 

After some discussion, a certificate of appropriateness for signage and building alterations were passed unanimously with the following stipulations:

The planting area to the left of the walk-up window is reduced and the paved portion of the plaza extended all the way up to the building and would match the grid of the existing pavers;

The paved area immediately in front of the walk-up window would be solid concrete;

The white background of the internally lit, building mounted sign is eliminated and the sign follows the outline of the logo.  This sign is 10 feet in length and not to exceed 60 sf;

For safety purposes, planters or benches which match existing ones in the plaza  be added between the walk-up window and the drive-thru lane;

The 2’x’4’ flat board sign above the entrance to the ice cream shop on the Miller Lane side of the building be illuminated with two gooseneck lights and located above the awning within the existing wood frame.

The Colonel's Creamery opened September 1, 2013. According to their website:
in November 2013 the Colonel won the prestigious “Iron Scoop” ice cream flavor innovation competition at the National Ice Cream Retailers Assoc. convention in St. Louis. In 2014 the Colonel won the 1st prize blue ribbon for “Winners’ Circle Dutch Chocolate” and 2nd prize ribbons for “Signature Vanilla” and “Dark Chocolate.”
 Today The Colonel’s Creamery makes super premium robust flavors of American ice cream. New innovative, sometimes exotic, flavors are introduced regularly along with excellent flavors you would expect.
Some of The Colonel Creamery's flavors. 

According to the ownership group on the building, details are still being worked out.

Col. Don Lambert. Facebook. 


  1. A 10' X 6' lit sign sounds huge, and out of character with the location (facing the park).

    If you don't think this is obtrusive, just ask the residents that live nearby the State Farm agency on N.Fort Thomas Avenue, near Inverness. (And, why does that sign need to be lit up at 9:00 PM?)

    1. I agree! And see additional comments below

  2. Went to their website and it looks SO good! They even have waffles on Saturday with a scoop on ice cream on top! Plus smoothies, floats, and lots of other stuff. I really hope this happens!