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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fort Thomas Art House Features Young Talent

The Art House in Fort Thomas created by the Independent Northern Kentucky Artists and Artisans Education Program 

By Jennifer Fields-Summer

Locals with an interest in art should know by now that the place to go for support and inspiration is the Art House on North Fort Thomas Avenue.  Teeming with talent, this beautiful building showcases some of the most incredible skill our community has to offer.  An interest in and ability for art is something that needs to be nurtured and encouraged, and Parrish Monk has teamed up with district art teachers (Nikki Everett, Jennifer Flynn, and Collin Shadwell) to give our young artists a moment to shine. This show will be curated by Fort Thomas parents led by piano teacher Amy Pace Silverton, and Chris Franzen Smith, owner of Gallery to Go.

"One of the reasons I'm really excited about this upcoming show, Emerge, is because it is in direct correlation with our mission and that is to help artists out," Parrish says. "And if we are the first people to allow young, aspiring artists to show their work in a gallery, I'm all for it.  The Fort Thomas community has donated and supported to us so that we can in turn donate and support others.  This is all part of our helping to empower and inspire young artists."

Artwork featured in The Art House's newest show, Emerge.

The entire month of April at the Art House will be dedicated to our town's freshest talent, many of whom have never before shown their work in a gallery or juried art show. Sponsorship of the show is $50 and the money will go to offset costs and to a fund for a future Emerging Artist series. The artists also have the option to sell their work directly from the show, a good opportunity for the children to experience creative entrepreneurship.  

Emerge will open Friday, April 22nd from 7 - 9 p.m. and also Saturday, April 23rd from noon - 3 p.m.  This first show will feature artists from grades sixth through 12th. A remaining three shows are planned for grades K - 1, 2 - 3, and 4 - 5. Those dates will be announced in the future. 

“I love that we have so many talented young artists in northern Kentucky and having the Art House here in Fort Thomas is icing on the cake!  The Art House is a place where people can discover a talent they never knew they had, display a work that they've created that means something to them and then have others purchase it thereby saying 'YES! that is meaningful to me too!'  What a gift to have right here at home!  The Emerge show is such a unique opportunity for middle school and high school students to experience,” said Chris Smith. 

The Art House is located at 19 N. Fort Thomas Ave.

"Fort Thomas always rises to the occasion, especially in support of its youth," Amy Silverton says. "We are anticipating a great turn out both on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. We hope to see proud grandparents, aunts, uncles, and neighbors."  

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