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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fort Thomas Central - Fort Thomas, Kentucky - Local Gift Shop - Northern Kentucky

Fort Thomas Central is located at 3 N. Fort Thomas Avenue, Fort Thomas, Kentucky 41075. Fort Thomas Central is part of the #FTMFamily. 
Theres a lot going on at Fort Thomas Central. Owner, Barb Thomas, is opening up "Charm", a shop within a shop on Thursday, April 28. There will be special promotions all week and a "Charm Brunch" featuring Marty's Waffle on Saturday, April 30

Just make a purchase that day and get a free waffle. And they're awesome. 

Charm is a boutique designed exclusively for female teens and young adults and was created to fill a void in the local shopping scene, and create a go-to shop for that demographic. 

Fort Thomas Central has always carried a small selection of items for this demographic, and customers were often coming into the shop inquiring about more items for teens and young adults.

“We really want to capture the 16 to 25 year olds, and offer clothing lines, gift items, and fashion accessories that would be fun and carefree for that target market,” said Thomas. Charm will be filled with boho and vintage inspired items that can't be found at the mall or other chain stores. Whether you're a teenage girl looking for a gift for your BFF, or you're looking to update your wardrobe before heading back to school, Charm is where you can find your new favorite items. 

A sampling of what you can find at Fort Thomas Central. 

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