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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fort Thomas Schools To Establish New Teaching Positions

Fort Thomas Board of Education. FTM file. 
By Jennifer Summer

At the April 14th Board of Education meeting, motions were passed to add additional teaching positions.

The first motion was to establish three new positions for elementary specials teachers in Art, Music, and World Language.  The motion was put forth by Mr. Jeff Beach and was passed unanimously.*

A second motion was presented to establish a new position for elementary Instructional Technology Specialist, and was passed unanimously.

Superintendent Gene Kirchner stated, “As part of our digital conversion initiative, we are expanding to the elementary level.  I’m really excited to say tonight that all of the children K - 5 next year will each have an iPad at all of our elementary schools.  

This individual will work with all three schools.  Their role is to work in the area of technical support and to provide ideas and support around how to implement the technology into instruction in a meaningful way.  We will be looking for someone with a strong background in technology integration.”

The third motion was to establish a part-time ELL (English Language Learners) teacher, and was also passed unanimously.

“Not all districts support the arts,” said Gene Kirchner.  “One of the things I’m most proud of that we do in this district is the total experience that we give to our children, not just at the high school level, but at the elementary level.  

They get art, and they get music, and they get world language, and they have those experiences, and we’d like to continue to expand on that so that each school now will have their own art, music, and world language teacher.  It provides more opportunity for children to be exposed to those things.”

There will be one additional teacher in each area for each school, for a total of three specials teachers per school.

These new positions will become effective in the 2016 - 2017 school year.

*Mr. Brad Fennell was absent, so the vote was 4-0. 

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  1. Instructional Technology Specialist, would be a great position. Kudos to the person who gets this. I think this type of thing is great to have around for young minds. The digital world is so prevalent today and it is only going to infuse itself more into our everyday life.