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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Highlands Graduate, Will Weber, Elected NKU Student Government President

Newly-elected President Will Weber embraces his mother, Janice Weber, after he is declared student body president. PHOTO:Abby Anstead, The Northerner. 
Abby Anstead, Managing Editor, The Northerner 

With five slates running for the Student Government Association president and vice president positions, Will Weber and Ellen Wilshire came out on top, receiving a total of 291 votes from the student body.

Weber is a Fort Thomas native and a 2012 Highlands High School graduate, his parents are John and Janice Weber.

"Growing up and networking with several community and business leaders, I had no doubt that the Northern Kentucky area would be influential in my business and political aspirations. Learning from many successful leaders has opened my eyes to the importance of civic duty and the value of giving back and helping others succeed. My decision to run was driven by my passion to create a better community focused on student success both while at NKU and in their adult lives beyond graduation," said Weber.

A group of 30 students cheered as Chief Justice Joey Smith declared the pair winners of the 2016 Student Government Association presidential election at 10:22 p.m. on March 31.

Weber and Wilshire beat the nearest candidates, Katherine Hahnel and Kaitlyn Schaefer, by 73 votes.
Vice President Ellen Wilshire, President Will Weber and their campaign manager Patrick Reagan celebrate as the pair is declared the winners.

Vice President Ellen Wilshire, President Will Weber and their campaign manager Patrick Reagan celebrate as the pair is declared the winners.

Weber said he is ready to start putting the points of his campaign into action.

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“It is time to bring a new day for SGA,” Weber said. “We’re going to get down to work right away — learn, listen and act, focus on student success, community engagement, campus innovation, and we’re just getting started. We’re going to put NKU on the rise.” 

Vice President Wilshire, who is new to the Student Government Association, reiterated that they are ready to tackle their platform points.

“This is brand new to me so I’m ready to dive in, get right into it, and do everything that we talked about in our campaign,” Wilshire said.

So what's in the future for Weber?

"Down the road, I will pursue a career in business, with the hopes of serving the Commonwealth as a State Representative, working my way to becoming Congressman Weber. In the meantime, I am more than thrilled to be given the opportunity to represent the outstanding students of Northern Kentucky University!"

Below is a complete list of votes.

President / Vice President, Number of Votes
Will Weber / Ellen Wilshire - 291
Kat Hahnel / Kaitlyn Schaefer - 218
Devin Mason/Christian Miller - 110
Bradley Blankenship/Kyle Gottmann - 83
Hunter Poindexter/Scott Sanker - 77
Kyle Taylor/Brian Murray (write-in) - 26

Read more at The Northerner. 

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