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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Young Artists Showcased at The Art House - Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Regan Silverton. FTM file. 
By Jennifer Summer

The Fort Thomas Art House had its first show featuring young artists, ‘Emerge’, this past weekend.  The event was a showcase of original art created by Fort Thomas’ very talented youth.  This show was curated by parents Amy Silverton and Chris Franzen-Smith.

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“We thought it would be a good idea to start a series that showcases the emerging artists, meaning our young people in this area, and give them a chance to display their talents and have a voice in the community of what they love and enjoy,” said Amy.

There will be three more shows, beginning in the Fall, that will be separated by elementary grades.  The show also intends to expand in the future to the middle school and high school.  The show is all-inviting and all-welcoming; any student can submit work regardless of whether they have had any formal art training.
FTM file. 

Ninth grade student Regan Silverton was one of the contributing artists, showing four of her original digital photographs and selling another large print.  “I like walking around and taking photos of shoes.  I put the camera on the timer and was walking and you can see the shadow of the camera with a tree in the background.”

“The show was a success because it inspired aspiring young artists to continue to create.  Seeing how the community came together to support the show made me realize that our mission here is not in vain and that we need to continue our important work to support artists in all levels of their artistry,” Parrish Monk, Director of The Art House said.

“Parrish just gives out such a great energy and is so welcoming.  Everyone who came last night made the comment that they wanted to come back,” Amy added.  Amy also wished to give a special thanks to Mint Yoga Studio (opening soon in Fort Thomas) for sponsoring the show.

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