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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Exceptional Talent at the 2nd Annual Highlands High School College Arts Signing Day

13 Highlands students signed at the College Arts Ceremony on 5-19-16. FTM file. 
By Michele Pam Wright

There were laughter and tears last Thursday as senior students from the Art, Communications, Music, and Theatre departments at Highlands High School announced the colleges they’ll be attending.

Each student went through a grueling ordeal to gain admission to the college of their choice. Acceptance required not just several forms of intent, but interviews, auditions, submissions and, of course, top grades. Many students were awarded generous scholarships.

After spending years together at school every day, its finally starting to sink in that they will soon be scattered to the winds as they continue their academic journeys in the field of their choice.

Universities include the University of North Carolina, Xavier University, Northern Kentucky University, Purdue University, DePauw University, The University of the Arts (Philadelphia), and Eastern Kentucky University.

Jason Burgess, Drama and Theatre teacher.
When asked where the idea of an Arts Signing Day came from,  Jason Burgess, the Drama and Theatre teacher said, “The idea came from a parent. Our school has a signing day for the athletes and we wanted to recognize the exceptional talent from our students in the arts as well.”

One of the students at the signing day, David Ketcham, was a Kentucky State Champion in 2015 in the feature writer division. Ketcham, who will be majoring in journalism at NKU, said, “My teacher at HHS, Mrs. (Diana) McGee is just awesome. She’s not just a teacher, but also a friend. Journalism gives me freedom and has been a good decision for me.” 

Ketcham said his decision to go to NKU was based on his desire to stay close to family, but also because NKU has an excellent communications program.

Below are the students who were part of Highland’s 2nd Annual Signing Day:


Anna Jowaisis – University of North Carolina – Asheville – Art
Alice Roeding – Xavier University – Graphic Design

Andrew Allis – Northern Kentucky University – Video Production
Ben Bardgett – Northern Kentucky University – Electronic Media and Broadcasting
Corrine Carnohan – Northern Kentucky University – Electronic Media and Broadcasting
Nathan Groeschen – Northern Kentucky University – Media Informatics
David Ketcham – Northern Kentucky University – Journalism
Alex Sprecker – Purdue University – Film and Video
Shelby Whitt –DePauw University – English/Broadcasting/Journalism

Michael Emmerich – Northern Kentucky University – Music Education

Ellie Conniff – Xavier University – Theatre
Faith Dansberry – The University of the Arts (Philadelphia) – Musical Theatre
Brenna Payne – Eastern Kentucky University – Dance Theatre

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