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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Highlands Senior Has Perfect Attendance Since Kindergarten

Lauren Ossege. FTM file. 
By David Ketcham 

Lauren Ossesge, better known for her rockstar running skills and several achievements in all things track has yet another accomplishment in her hands. Since Kindergarten, Lauren has not missed a single day of school her whole elementary, middle, and high school career.

"I honestly don't know how I did it. I was just never sick enough to miss school. It seems if I was ever sick it was on days where I was off school. It was just a goal for me to see how long I could go without missing school," says Lauren.

Track and field has been a huge part of Lauren's life, so much so she is taking her skill to EKU with her where she will be continuing to run track. She is very appreciative of the sport for keeping her in gear and giving her another reason to attend school daily. "With my schedule, it would be very difficult to make up school work I missed. My grades were something I am proud of as a result of me taking my schooling so seriously."

School yields much responsibility Lauren faced everyday, such as getting to school on time, classwork, and homework. A lesson well learned.

Any parent that has a star child like Lauren knows what a little pride is.

"I kept waiting for that morning when she work up and said, 'I don't think I can go to school today.' It never happened. Lauren is such a self motivator and so dedicated to her studies and athletics," says Julie Ossege, Lauren's mother.

According to Julie, Lauren's health is usually in tact to where she doesn't have to miss school. Julie remembers her getting her illnesses over long breaks, such as Christmas break, spring break, and summer break. "She eats and drinks very healthy. It's only water, milk, and lemonade. She's never had anything carbonated," says Julie, who believes her healthy dietary habits were responsible for Lauren's generally healthy status quo.

Being a mother means you always want the best for your kids, to always push them in the right direction, never wanting them to miss school unless absolutely necessary, and being able to know when their child is playing hookie and giving them the cold shoulder for it. Julie however, didn't run into that with this one.

"I can think of a few occasions that I thought to myself, she needs a break and she should maybe just stay home. It was always Lauren who wanted to go to school," Julie adds.

Lauren has always been one to dedicate herself and keep a positive outlook on her academics and athletics and she has definitely left her mark on Highlands and the city as a whole. Missing no school is an outstanding achievement that not just anybody has the mindset to do. Lauren hopes to take her ability to college, assuming her track schedule doesn't interfere, and to the work force as well.


  1. Another awesome article by David Ketcham about a super terrific young woman! Congrats to both of you!