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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Highlands Students Mastery of Spanish Language Proves Lucrative

Noah Moore (Left). FTM file. 
By David Ketcham 

Highlands High School junior Noah Moore received a large scholarship from the National Spanish Exam. Aside from the traditional scholarships that assist with college, this one includes a paid in-full trip to study in Spain. Over hundreds of applicants, 25 were selected, and Noah Moore was one of them.

The application process was no walk in the park. Noah was to submit a two-page essay, two letters of recommendation, a five minute speaking video, and his high school transcript.

“Spanish I is where I started realizing that Spanish clicked in my brain. I had Mrs. Meadows again for Spanish II and really dove into new tenses and moods and kept studying beyond Spanish II,”  said Moore.

There was a lot of preparation and and knowledge building behind all of Noah’s accomplishments, and he thanks the Spanish department of Highlands for helping him to become the person he was destine to become.

As Noah feels so appreciative of the Spanish department, it’s made very clear that the Spanish teachers who were able to teach him think very highly of him as well.

“Noah in one of those few students that a teacher has in their career that loves everything that is taught and always strives to learn more he excels in writing and speaking Spanish and it is almost dumbfounding to know that he has only been studying Spanish for 3 school years because his Spanish is so polished. He is an amazing student, leader, and role model and someone that I will truly miss not having in class next year,” says Highlands Spanish teacher, Emily Haffey.

Noah was the first Highlands student to receive this scholarship. With the help of the Spanish teachers of Highlands, Noah had a very high confidence of receiving the scholarship. So much, he put the trip into his summer planning before he even applied.

Helping an individual master a language is by no means a one-man job. According to Noah, Krista Meadows, another Spanish teacher of Highland’s has been a large factor in the construction of his bilingual gift.

“Noah is one of the most motivated and hard-working students I have known in my twenty-year teaching career. Earning the scholarship to attend the immersion camp in level II was a great reward for his hard work. Going to Minnesota last summer and spending two weeks speaking and hearing nothing but Spanish took him to the next level. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Noah,” she says.

The future is looking bright for Noah, as he continues to humble the community with his accomplishments and represent Fort Thomas as a whole. As of last year, Noah being only a Spanish II student was able to take the State Title winning he Global Citizen Scholarship that granted him a trip to the Spanish immersion camp, where he learned he had something special. Because of this, Noah skipped Spanish III and went right into AP.

Noah has proved himself to know no limits. So why stop there, right?

Noah has also began mastering the Italian and Russian language. “Italian and Spanish are very similar, while Russian is just a field of its own – which makes it that much cooler” he says. Noah’s goals for his future includes attending college studying political science and Spanish, in hopes to become an ambassador to the US in a Latin American Country.

“Learning languages is such an important skill that can open doors to so many opportunities and beautiful things in the world,” says Noah, who has asserted himself to do some pretty neat things with the knowledge of the Spanish language.


  1. Way to go Noah!! Safe travels, don't forget your friend Caleb (Jack), while you're experiencing this great opportunity.

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