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Monday, May 9, 2016

Joseph Grimme Announces Candidacy for 17th District Judicial Seat

Joe Grimme. Provided. 
A fourth candidate for the 17th District Judicial Seat, vacated by Judge Gregory T. Popovich in March, announced his plans to throw his hat in the ring. 

Fort Thomas attorney, Joseph F. Grimme, has applied to the Judicial Nominating Committee (JNC) for the vacated seat, which is expected to be announced in June. 

Grimme is a former Campbell County Prosecutor, and has served as the Campbell County Deputy Master Commissioner since 2009.  He's also a partner in the Fort Thomas firm, Fessler, Schneider and Grimme. 

"I would like to get back in to the District Court system in order to provide the Campbell County voters with someone they can trust on the bench.  I will be someone who is fair, I will treat our citizens with respect, and I will do my best to help ensure safety throughout our community," said Grimme.
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Any person meeting the required qualifications and desiring consideration to fill the District Court Judge vacancy had to notify the Judicial Nominating Commission on or before April 27, 2016. Those individuals were then sent a questionnaire which must be received in the Judicial Nominating Commission's office on or before May 11th. The members of the Judicial Nominating Committee will be then sent copies of the questionnaires shortly after the May 11th deadline.

The JNC is a seven-person committee made up of the Chief Justice on the Kentucky Supreme Court, two republican and democrat non-attorneys statewide, and two local attorneys, who will nominate three candidates, from which Governor Matt Bevin will appoint a judge.

The Governor has 60 days to make that appointment after he has been handed the three candidates from the nominating commission. A special election will then take place this November for the unexpired term.

Locally, Fort Thomas attorney, Tim Schneider, was the attorney  recently nominated by his peers to serve on the committee, along with attorney, David Bender.

The citizen members of the committee are Barbara Weber, Deborah Peluso, Jim Schack and Ken Moellman Sr.

Grimme said that while he has initially applied for the vacated seat through the JNC, he absolutely will be on the ballot in November. 

Grimme joins Newport City Commissioner, John Hayden, Campbell County Chief Assistant County Attorney, Cameron Blau and Cold Spring attorney, Abby Voelker as having announced their candidacy for the seat. 

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